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School Teaching Vedas in Bihar

Schools that teach Vedas are very rare in India and in places like Bihar that struggles in the primary education sector it is even rarer. But Arshvidya Shikshan Prasikhshan Sewa Sansthan in East Champaran District in Bihar is a school teaching the Vedas – Rig Veda, Yajur Veda and Sama Veda. The Vedic School is run by Sushil Pandey, who is post-graduate in Sanskrit from the Benaras Hindu University (BHU).

Arshvidya Shikshan Prasikhshan Sewa Sansthan is the only school in Bihar that imparts education in the three Vedas. There a couple of institutions that teaches any one of the Vedas.

The school is also planning to include lessons from the Atharva Veda from the next academic session.

Sanjeev Kumar Verma writes about the Vedic School in Times of India

Adhering to the true Vedic rituals, the school follows the regimen as was followed in ancient Indian society and students enrolled here are moulded in that very way.

"It is like preparing their bodies and mind for following the Veda teachings in true sense," Pandey said. He said apart from following the Vedic rituals, the students are also asked to practice yoga on a regular basis so that their bodies and minds remain in good shape.

Then, the young ones, studying here, are also supposed to follow the dress code prevalent in the ancient Indian society and all of them wear Dhoti & Kurta.

And the school principal has not limited his role to spread the Vedic culture among this school students only, rather to popularise these age-old values among students of other local schools, he has started free coaching classes in Sanskrit for such students.

"Those coming here for Sanskrit classes would certainly learn something about the values which we impart and it would, in turn, serve our purpose of spreading a good thing in the society," Pandey said.