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Sanskrit Blogs – Blogging in Samskritam

One of the less mentioned and less explored aspects of blogging is that it provides an opportunity to revive classical languages – converse and exchange ideas with people from around the world in classical and struggling languages. Although few in number, Sanskrit blogs are today connecting Sanskrit or Samskritam enthusiasts around the world and majority of them rise above the confines of religion.

Some of the blogs are written purely in Sanskrit and few others use English to explain the meanings and sometimes Sanskrit texts are also written in English alphabets.

Sanskrit Links was started way back in September 2003 and provides links and information on Sanskrit related activities on the internet.

Samskrtam, a continuously publishing blog, by Kartik does general musings in Sanskrit.

Vyakaranam deals with Sanskrit Grammar.

Learn Sanskrit as the name indicates is a blog on its author’s self-learning attempts.

Sanskrit Literature forum by Venetia Ansel deals with Sanskrit literature.

Samskrutam mainly deals in quotes from classical Sanskrit texts.

All these bloggers should be credited for the wonderful effort they are making to connect to people who are interested in Sanskrit.

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