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About a Popular Hindu Temple in a Spare Bedroom in Essex in England

Hindus carry their faith and the idols of gods to any place they go. They will find a small neat corner for the idol in the home and from here the Hindu directly communes with god and shares burden, joys and sadness. Such a place set up 29 years ago by Dhirajlal and Sushila Karia in a spare bedroom in Essex in England is today a popular Hindu Temple and hundreds of people daily visit to pray and get blessings.

Paul Harris writes in Mail Online about the Hindu Temple in the spare bedroom

some excerpts from the article

The couple created the temple as none was available locally when they moved in the Seventies from North London.

The original plan was that the couple, their son, daughter, family and friends would worship there.

Three decades later, and thanks to word of mouth and reports in some newspapers, Britain's most unlikely temple has been visited by Hindus from as far away as Canada and Nepal, and by tourists from other religions.

In the room, 17 gods and goddesses of the religion are represented in statue form.

Everything a Hindu pilgrim might want is available here - peace, prayer, friendship and happiness - and of course, Mrs Karia's tea.

All visitors are requested to respect the tranquility of the neighborhood by talking quietly, and queuing in an orderly fashion.