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Earth – the First Guru of Dattatreya

In the Srimad Bhagavada Purana, Lord Krishna narrates about the meeting between King Yadu and young Dattatreya, an avadhuta. King Yadu asks about the Guru who has helped Dattatreya achieve Brahman realization at such a young age. Dattatreya answers ‘My dear King, with my intelligence I have taken shelter of many spiritual masters. Having gained transcendental understanding from them, I now wander about the earth in a liberated condition. I have twenty four gurus and the first one is earth. Mother earth is my first guru. She taught me to hold those who trample me, scratch me, and hurt me lovingly in my heart, just as she does. She taught me to give them my best, remembering that their acts are normal and natural from their standpoint.

Here is three other interpretation of the same idea by different seers.
A sober person, even when harassed by other living beings, should understand that his aggressors are acting helplessly under the control of God, and thus he should never be distracted f…

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