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French Born Businessman who is now an Avadhuta (Naked Sadhu) and a CEO

A French man by birth and the CEO of $300 million Fashions International Company based in Chennai, Swami Pranavananda Brahmendra Avadhuta has made India his home since 1971 and lives in a hermitage in Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu, India. An Avadhuta is one who has no possessions and roams around naked. Of course when you are a CEO, you have to respect social norms and therefore Swami Pranavananda when dealing with business in his office in Chennai wears a grab of Sanyasi otherwise he spends much of his time in the nude. Before he was given Sanyas Diksha in 1988, Swami Pranavananda was Christian Fabre. He arrived in Madras in 1971 as an executive in a French trading house along with his wife and a young child. In the early 1980s, his marriage broke and soon business collapsed. Devastated, Christian Fabre, who once wished to be a Roman Catholic priest, stumbled on a man who despite crippling leprosy was full of joy. Eric Ellis writes in The Sydney Morning HeraldDevastated, he started readi…

Understanding Hinduism – Hindu Religion Basics for Beginners

Many people find it difficult to understand Hinduism because of the numerous deities, scriptures and schools of thought. The difficulty is primarily due to the popular concept of God – that there is a God sitting somewhere up in the heavens and controlling the happenings on earth. In fact majority of Hindus too believe in a ‘God sitting above’ but the sole difference that a Hindu can choose a personal God or Gods from the numerous deities in the Hindu pantheon who are all the representative of the Supreme Being – Brahman. Hinduism, the real name Sanatana Dharma, should be understood step by step. The confusion arises when people directly jumps into the various schools of thought and scriptures or by forming an opinion by standing in the outskirts. There is only one Supreme Truth called by different names. It is present in all animate and inanimate. All birth and death are the result of this Supreme Truth. We are born into this state of Supreme Bliss.But soon this Supreme Bliss is …

Story of True Knower of Brahman – King Janak and Yajnavalkya

During the Vedic period, King Janak used to go to the forest to study under his Guru, the great seer Yajnavalkya. The sage always had a seat in front reserved for the King. The other disciples of Yajnavalkya, which included several hardcore ascetics, used to feel jealous of the king. They thought that their Guru was either afraid of the King or partial to the King. Yajnavalkya who knew about the discontent among his disciples said nothing and continued to reserve a special seat for the King.One day, while the students and the Guru was discussing the truth of Brahman, the reality of existence. Suddenly a messenger came running with the message that the Kingdom of Janaka is burning and fire is spreading into the forest. All the students started running to save their belongings. Only King Janak Maharaj stayed seated and quiet and continued his discussion.Yajnavalkya turned to the students who were running and said, ‘This is the difference between him and you. His whole kingdom is burnin…

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