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Simply Ignore the Hollywood Movie The Love Guru and the Controversy

If you had heard about the movie ‘The Love Guru,’ then you must be aware of the controversy surrounding it or it might have been the controversy that introduced the movie to you. Now, if you haven’t heard about the movie, you will hear a lot of it in near future that it lampoons Hindu religion – especially it ridicules the guru-disciple relationship which is held sacred by millions of Hindus – and uses Hindu terms playfully. And people writing against fundamentalists curtailing the freedom of an artist in the name of religion. All this will continue till a better controversy captures the imagination of the people.Now in the comedy ‘The Love Guru,’ Pitka – the character played by Mike Myers famous for the Austine Powers movie – is an American who was left at the gates of an ashram in India as a child and raised by Gurus. Under the Gurus in India, Pitka becomes an expert in teaching spirituality, motivation, bliss, and peace. He moves back to the U.S. to seek fame and fortune in the wor…

Hinduism and its Spiritual Significance - Sri Chinmoy

The ideal of Hinduism is to see all in the Self and the Self in all. A Hindu believes that each individual is a conscious manifestation of God. The spirit of selfless service is his supreme secret. The breath of Hinduism is spirituality. Whatever a Hindu does, he does as a means to this end. It is true, as with any other individual, that he wants to accomplish all that he can here on earth. But the important thing is that he does not and cannot do anything at the expense of his spiritual life. To him, the spiritual life is the only life that can eventually garland him with the victory of perfect Perfection.

In the spiritual life, people very often use the word ‘sin.’ Here I must say that a Hindu has nothing to do with sin. He takes into consideration only two things: Ignorance and Light. With his soul's light, he wants to swim across the sea of ignorance and transform his lower self into his higher Self.Tena tyaktena bhunjita. ‘Enjoy through renunciation.’ This is the life-giving m…