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Upanishads Quotes on Brahman

Know Him Who is the origin and dissolution of the universe – the source of all virtues, the destroyer of all sins, the master of all good qualities, the immortal, and the abode of the universe – as seated in your own self. He is perceived as differed from, and transcending, the tree of Samsara as well as time and form.May we realize Him – the transcendent and adorable master of the universe – Who is the supreme Lord over all the lords, the supreme God above all the gods, and the supreme Ruler over all the rulers.He has nothing to achieve for Himself, nor has He any organ of action. No one is seen equal or superior to Him. His great power alone is described in the Vedas to be of various kinds, and His knowledge and strength and action are described as inherent in Him.No one in the world is His master, nor has anybody any control over Him. There is no sign by which He can be inferred. He is the cause of all and the ruler of individual souls. He has no parent, nor is there any one who is…