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Showing posts from March 20, 2008

Vishvavani – Online Sanskrit Magazine

Vishvavani, the Online Sanskrit Magazine, is the outcome of an online network of students, faculty and alumni of Indian origin from various Universities in United States. Into its third edition in March 2008, Vishvavani features a wide range of topics including a Sanskrit crossword puzzle. Currently, Vishvavani is the only active online Sanskrit magazine. Apoorvavani was the first online Sanskrit magazine but it is currently not active. Vishvavani is brought out by Campus Samskritam Network (CSN) which mainly consists of members from MIT, UMD, CMU, UPitt, PSU, UPenn, Caltech, Purdue and others. Sowmya Joisa and Avinash Varna are the editors of the magazine.The group is also promoting Sanskrit blogging and main aim of CSN is to promote Sanskrit, with emphasis on the US and US universities.Vishvavani is currently hosted on and you can read the magazine for free in PDF format here - Vishvavani Home Page.

Dhoni Holi Pictures and Products with his Photos High in Demand

So what’s HOT this Holi. Dhoni, the captain of India’s One-Day and Twenty-Twenty cricket team. Products with pictures of Dhoni like masks, caps, pichkaris (water guns) are selling like hot cakes. The only competition to Dhoni is from Lord Hanuman.In Ranchi, Dhoni’s home town, there is a mad scramble for products with Dhoni’s photos. Interestingly, last year during Holi the products with Dhoni’s image did not sell much due to the first round exit of India’s cricket team from the World Cup. But this Holi Dhoni and his young team has given the public lot to cheer with the Twenty-Twenty World Cup and Triangular series win against Australia.Dhoni brand might be costly but Dhoni Holi products are dead cheap – Dhoni Mask – 2 rupees and Dhoni cap – 3 rupees.

Sri Ashutosh Maharaj Quotes on Religion

The word religion is derived from the Latin word ‘re ligare’. Re means ‘back’ and ligare means ‘to the origin’. Together they mean ‘that which binds one back to the origin’. The origin of all jivas is paramatma. To get to the origin is the ultimate aim of human life. This necessitates realization of God within the human body.Religion is essentially the manifestation of divinity already in man. It is not anything gross which is to be stuffed into a man from outside. It is present in every human being. It is essentially the uncovering of what lies hidden in the inner realm. It is seeing and experiencing the inner world with a divine eye, just as the two eyes see the maya-ridden world outside. While the latter binds us to the elusive phenomenal physical world of objects, the former unites us with Supreme Brahman resulting in the manifestation of our true divine nature.There is no real difference between an ignorant materialist and the highest ecclesiastical giant who can render high-wind…