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Amma Mata Amritanandamayi on Self Sacrifice

Human beings can learn many things from Nature. For example, take an apple tree. It gives all its fruits to others, taking nothing for itself. Its very existence is for other living beings. Likewise, a river. Everyone comes and bathes in it. It washes away everyone's dirt, expecting nothing. It willingly accepts all the impurities and returns purity, sacrificing everything for others.Children, each and every object in this world teaches us sacrifice. If you observe closely, you can find that all of life is a sacrifice. Each one's life is a story of sacrifice. The husband sacrifices his life for his wife and the wife sacrifices hers for her husband, a mother for her children and the children for their family. Each one of us is sacrificing our lives in one way or another. But all of us are limited to our own little world. Without sacrifice, there is no world. Sacrificing everything for the good of the world is the greatest sacrifice. This little world of ours should evolve until…