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Important Hindu Festivals and Auspicious Days in April 2008

Dates of important festivals associated with Hinduism in 2008 April calendar.2nd April – Ekadasi Fasting6th April – Amavasi (in some calendars 5th April)6th April – Basant Spring Navratri Begins7th April – Ugadi Telugu and Kannada New Year7th April – Gudi Padwa New Year in Maharashtra11th April – Shasti Fasting13th April – Tamil New Year (Chithirai 1), Souramana Ugadi13th April – Shri Rama Jayanti (Ramnavami Smarta)14th April – Ram Navami14th April – Vishu New Year in Kerala14th April – Bohag Bihu (Assam New Year)14th April – Nababarsha (Bengali New Year)14th April – Swaminarayan Jayanti16th April – Thrissur Pooram16th April – Ekadashi 20th April – Hanuman Jayanthi20th April – Purnima or Poornima20th April – Chithirai Pournami (Tamil Calendar)

Be Careful While Opening Holi E-Greeting Cards

Think twice before opening any Holi greeting e-cards received via e-mail. Holi festival is the ideal time for cyber crooks to enhance their business. This they do by sending thousands of fake online Holi greeting cards with links that can infect your computer with password stealing spywares, worms and viruses. The threat is more severe if you do not have the most recent anti virus or security updates on the web browser. This is how it works. When you open an email with a Holi greeting card and clicks on the link, a harmful virus or spyware is installed in your computer. It collects all the data including your passwords and sends it to the cyber crook. When you enter your email and that of your friend’s on a Holi greeting car website, you’re giving your email address and that of your friends to some unknown person, who might sell it to spammers. Net result is the numerous spam mails. Never enter your personal email id while sending greeting cards.Even if you know the person who has s…

Swami Tapovanam on Bhakti

It is in vain to waste one’s time considering which God to worship. Worship Him in any form. It is the sincerity of devotion that matters.
Worship your chosen ideal with constant thought, repetition of holy names and meditation.

Give up pride and egotism and devoutly immerse yourself in the thought of God. Love without faith and sincerity is naught.
The first and foremost means of God realization is Love – love of the Lord all unsurpassed. Love of God purifies the mind and easily leads to mental concentration. Swami Tapovanam