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Ram Navami March 2010

Ram Navmi, or Ramnavmi, is the birthday of Lord Ram and falls on the ninth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chait or Chaitra (March – April). In 2010, the date of Ram Navami is March 24. Lord Ram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is known as Maryada Purushottam and he incarnated on the earth to annihilate Ravana and fellow demons and restore Dharma.
On the Rama Navami day, Hindus observe an upvaas or fast. A puja is performed in the afternoon as it is believed that Lord Ram was born at noon. Ram Navami coincides with Vasant Navratri or Chait Durga Puja. Therefore in some regions, the festival is spread over nine days.Nine days of fasting beginning from the first day of Chaitra is observed in many places and is referred as Ramayana week. On the occasion, special pujas are held at home and in Lord Ram and Vishnu temples in India and around the world.
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Swami Nityaswarupananda Quotes

Our life is a mixture of opposites like joy and sorrow, success and failure, good and evil... As long as we consider this world to be real, we cannot escape the pairs of opposites nor eradicate the sense of duty. The only way out of this state of things is to realize the unreality of the world, and renounce our identification with it. Being in the world but not of it.The Atman is the only substance of the universe, just as clay is the only substance of a pot. The pot is nothing but clay with name and form superimposed on it. So is this universe nothing but the Self with name and form superimposed on It. Just as waves, foam, and bubbles are nothing but the sea, and are non-different from it, so the universe is nothing but the Self, and is non-different from It.In reality the Self is ever free. It never enters into a state of bondage. It is our ignorance that we think ourselves bound; and this thought makes our supposed bondage persist and continue. If, however, we constantly think of o…