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Hindu Blog on Hinduism and various aspects of Hindu religion

Hindu Blog started three months ago without any clear idea. First attempt was on collecting quotes and some links on Hinduism. But gradually it evolved into a full-fledged blog discussing various matters concerning Santana Dharma. The Hindu blogging experience was indeed great.Numerous people and blogs encouraged me. Some challenged and some scoffed. Some played tricks like copying articles from Hindu Blog and some even posted it on Wikipedia but thanks to Wikipedia they removed it and gave me credit for the articles.Then I realized this is a dangerous arena. I don’t mind people using my article if due credit is given. Well, I hope to move ahead and become a full-fledged blogger. But the main difficulty is finance. Some people came forward to fund but they had vested interests, so I did not encourage it.Hope to keep the blog moving…

Vishnu Idol Excavated from an Old Russian Town

The ancient Vishnu Idol was excavated from Staraya Maina in the Volga region of Russia. The idol dates back to VII-X century AD and the region was populated even before 4th century AD. Staraya Maina was ancient town on the banks of Samara, a tributary of Volga. Numerous coins, weapons and other artifacts have been recovered from this region. Today, Staraya Maina has a population of more 8,000 but archaeologists believe that the town had a huge population during ancient times.Mosnews writes“We may consider it incredible, but we have ground to assert that Middle-Volga region was the original land of Ancient Rus. This is a hypothesis, but a hypothesis, which requires thorough research,” Reader of Ulyanovsk State University’s archaeology department Dr Alexander Kozhevin told state-run television Vesti.More research will throw light on the spread of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism).

What is the difference between Hindi and Hindu?

Hindi is the national language of India.

Hindu (Hindus) is a person who practices Santana Dharma (Hinduism – Hindu Religion).(I know many Indians and Hindus might find this post odd but I get numerous mails asking the difference. There are also numerous articles written which use Hindi instead of Hindu and vice versa.)