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Showing posts from November 24, 2006

T-shirt to teach difference between Hindi and Hindu

Many foreigners often confuse between Hindi and Hindu. So here is a T-shirt to clear up the matter.

Hope it is of some effect. There are several foreigners and bloggers who use Hindu instead of Hindi. And several who use Hindi instead of Hindu. (link)

Demolition of Hindu houses continues in Kazakhstan

The Kazakh government has demolished more than a dozen homes of Kazakh Hindus, who are members of ISKCON. Kazakh officials have claimed that the land was transferred against Kazakh law. ISKCON devotees claim that this is not true and that this is a case of religious discrimination. On 20 November at 6 am, orders were received for the devotees to demolish their homes or to have them demolished by the state at their expense. The next day, government demolitionists arrived.By 23 November thirteen houses had been destroyed. The houses that weren't yet demolished have had their windows and window frames destroyed, making them uninhabitable in the freezing Kazakh winter.ISKCON's leader in Kazakhstan, Govinda Swami, who has attempted to raise international awareness of the problem said : "It is snowing in Kazakhstan and these folks are losing their homes. They entered one home where there was a woman with an infant and started destroying her home.”Indian government is yet to re…