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Should Hindu scriptures be revised to remove all objectionable references?

Holy books in Hinduism were rendered orally. It was written down much later. And most the original texts are no longer available.When the scriptures were written down several additions and deletions were made. Many writers often twisted the Holy Scriptures for the selfish needs of their community. Sudheendra Kulkarni writes about one such incident in the Sunday express. From Tulsi Ramayana: “Dhola gawanra sudra pasu naari, sakala taadan ke adhikari” (A drum, a rustic, a sudra, a beast and a woman - all these deserve to be beaten.)He feels there is a need to reinterpret, and in some places modify, those aspects of our religious texts that are outdated.I agree with him. Most of the Holy Scriptures in Hinduism has undergone several alterations during the past 5000 years. Most of these alterations were done with ulterior motives. As most of these lines are not in tune with the main theme of the scriptures.One example: Valmiki composed the Ramayana from the deep pain he had when a bird was…