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A Baby Girl Worshipped as Durga

The first look at the baby girl from Diuri village in Bihar will reveal that she has four hands and four legs. But on a second look it becomes evident that it is nothing but tumor. Several news channels had reported about the baby girl earlier. Several newspapers are now reporting it. The remote village about 100 km from Patna is thronged by thousands of people who believe the young infant is an incarnation of Durga. They believe that her birth is an indication that their sufferings will be soon alleviated. The clever father of the child has started collecting donation. He plans to bring up the child in the present form. Hope sense prevails and the baby is treated before something untoward happens.

An Unusual Painting of Ganesh and Parvati

I stumbled upon this painting at a report about an Exhibition on Hindu and Buddhist paintings in Australia. The review was quite good but the painting taken from the exhibition was bit odd.There are numerous stories about the origin of Ganesh but most of them says that Ganesh got the elephant head as a boy or his original head was replaced. So it is clear the infant Ganesh did not have an elephant head. So Ganesh suckling Parvati with an elephant head is a bit far fetched. Artistic imagination should not send out wrong ideas. Mythologies should not be twisted or misrepresented to gain fame and popularity.

When a non-Hindu reviews paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses

An exhibition of Hindu and Buddhist religious art is taking place in New South Wales, Australia. The exhibition is a crowd puller and many newspapers have already reported about it. The latest report in Sydney Morning Herald is interesting. The reviewer John McDonald is unaware of Hinduism and reviews the paintings and sculptors innocently. From the reportIt must be disappointing for such artists (western artists) that in the monotheistic traditions of the West we allow only one God, who is, by most accounts, male. In the Indian pantheon there are numerous gods and goddesses, including many different manifestations of the major deities.These divinities lead robust existences and the Indian epics are filled with stories of bloody battles, sexual couplings and extraordinary metamorphoses. In their exploits the Hindu gods may be more easily compared with the superheroes from American comic books than the saints and martyrs of the Christian world.There is a wonderful painting in this ex…

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