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Keraladheeswarapuram Temple At Tanur – History – Festival

Keraladheeswarapuram Temple is located at Tanur in Malappuram district, Kerala. The annual festival in the temple is held from Vrischikam 1 to Vrischikam 7. Keraladheeswarapuram Temple festival 2023 date is November 16 to November 22. The murti of Sri Krishna worshipped in the temple is Venna Krishnan. The vigraham is nearly 4 feet tall. The murti is now broken and it faces west. The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapathy and Bhagavathi. Another important festival observed in the temple is Ashtami Rohini. Keraladheeswarapuram Temple History The temple originally belonged to a king of Vettathu Nadu. The temple was captured by a Samoothiri later.

Videha Mukti In Hinduism – Liberation In A Non-Embodied State

Mukti means liberation, freedom or release from the cycle of rebirth. If achieved while one is still living, it is called jivan mukti. People who accept libration even in jivan mukti (embodied state) subscribe to the view that removal of ignorance is liberation; due to samskaras or vasanas (inborn traits) the body can continue to exist for some more time or till the exhaustion of prarabdha karma (accumulated effects of actions). The realized self experiences the oneness of Atman or the eternal non-dual bliss here itself, and the fall of the body is referred to as videha mukti (liberation in a non-embodied state). Such people are referred to as ‘siddha-s’ (siddhim gatah). The death of the body is then not seen as the final end. Upanishads declare that as long as the vital airs do not depart from this body, his prana does not leave. When such a person liberated in bodily existence leaves the material body behind (termed as death in common parlance), the self realizes its cosmic natur

Bali Kallukal – Round Carved Stones Around Kerala Temples – Balivattam

Balivattam, or Bali Kallukal, are small round carved stones around the sanctum sanctorum in Kerala temples. They are a must around the sanctum sanctorum and sometimes they are also seen around the main temple. The small stones are cylindrical, hemispherical or dome-shaped. It is found on the Pradakshina Vazhi around the Sreekovil. These stones symbolically represent the guardian deities – Ashta Dikpalas or the 11 Rudras in some rare cases. Names Of 16 Bali Kallukal And Their Direction There are main 8 stones in Bali Vattam and sometimes there are 16 stones. The names of the 8 main stones (starting from northeast) are Ishan, Indran, Agni, Yaman , Niritti, Varunan, Vayu, and Soman. (They are known as Ashta Dikpalas).  Indra is in east and Varunan is in west.  Yaman is in south and Soman is in north.  Vayu is in northwest and Agni is in southeast. Ishan is in northeast and Niritti is in southwest The additional 8 stones are Brahma, Sastha, Anantha, Durga, Subrahmanya, Kubera, Nirmal

Seeing Scary Dreams Meaning And Interpretation

Seeing scary dreams is very common for many people. As per Hindu science of dream interpretation, the meaning of a scary dream depends on activities of the day. Here is the meaning and interpretation of seeing scary dreams. Seeing scary is associated with insecurities and fear. Those people who have developed a kind of anxiety regarding future and relationships will constantly see such dreams. As their mind is set up in negativity, those things that they see in dreams happens in real. As per swapna shastra in Hinduism, scary dreams are often a kind of warning. It should not be taken lightly. Some people have scary after seeing movies, fearful or other similar incidents or documentary that has scary elements. Dreams after such incidents have no value. The dreams have to happen naturally without any influence of day time events.

Thirunelli Temple Festival – Story Of Sree Thirunelli Mahavishnu Temple

Thirunelli Mahavishnu Temple is located around 32 kilometers from Mananthavady in Wayanad district, Kerala. Thirunelli temple festival 2023 date is April 14 and April 15. The two day festival ends on Vishu day. The story of Thirunelli kshetram is associated with Brahma - Vishnu and Nelli maram. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Bhagavan Vishnu who faces east. The murti is four-armed (Chatur Bahu) and holds Shanku and Chakra. The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapathy, Hanuman and Nagam. Balikkallu in the temple is located little away from the front of sreekovil. The temple is located atop a hill surrounded on four sides by mountains. Story Of Sree Thirunelli Mahavishnu Temple It is said that once Brahma was performing a Tirth yatra through the mountains of Wayanad. He happened to see Bhagwan Vishnu sitting atop the branch of gooseberry tree (Nellikka mara kombu) on a hill. A divine voice from the sky asked Brahma to consecrate Vishnu atop the hill. Brahma p

There Is Nothing Like Emptiness

There is nothing like emptiness. What we are really emptying is our ignorance. We often mistakenly understand ignorance as fullness. But it is not. When we remove the veil of ignorance, we realize that there is only fullness.  We cannot take anything out of that fullness and neither can we add anything to the fullness. Realizing this fullness is true freedom. The comparison we make in life is due to not realizing this fullness. There are no two separate things. Everything rises and falls in this fullness. There is no separate existence. To understand this we need to look how a small seed becomes a huge tree. The very element present in the small tree is present in the huge tree. Today, we hear people talking about they want to get rid of things. They want to empty. What they are attempting to empty or get rid are unreal things. We all perceive unreal things to be real in life. We get lost in the unreal and it results in suffering and misery on earth. It also results in innumera

19 February 2021 Tithi - Panchang - Hindu Calendar - Good Time - Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Friday, 19 February 2021 – It is Shukla Paksha Saptami tithi or the seventh day during the waxing or light phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Shukla Paksha Saptami tithi or the seventh day during the waxing or light phase of moon till 8:46 AM on February 19. It is Shukla Paksha Ashtami tithi or the eighth day during the waxing or light phase of moon till 10:45 AM on February 20. (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.  Good – Auspicious time on February 19, 2021 as per Hindu Calendar – There is no good and auspicious time on the entire day.  Nakshatra  – Bharani nakshatra till 1:15 AM on February 19. Then onward it is Karthigai or Krittika or Karthika nakshatra till 3:35 AM on February 20 . (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Karnataka and south Rajasth