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Periavaccan Pillai – Vaishnava Commentator Of Divya Prabandhams Of Alvars

Periavaccan Pillai, also known as Krishna Suri, was hailed as the Vyakhyana Chakravarti (the king of commentators). He wrote commentaries on the Ramayana, various esoteric texts, hymns and prose compositions. The only author to have rendered commentary to all Divya Prabandhams, he elaborated his guru Nampillai’s commentary on the Tiru Vaimozhi in his Irupattinalayirappadi. The commentaries for the other prabandhams are not known as padis. His two prabandha commentaries, called padi, are in the grantahlipi (script). They are the Irupattinalayairapadi and Muvayirappadi, the commentary on Tiruppavai. He arranged the prabandhams in a different chronological order, determined by the psychological motive behind them. The other works of Periavaccan Pillai include the commentaries for Gadya Trayam, Alavandar’s stotra ratnam, Abhaya Pradanam, Caramarahasyam and so on. Sri Ramayana Tanisloka Vyakhyanam is a significant text since it is an esoteric commentary on the Ramayana bas

Dhalo Festival In Goa - Importance Of Five-day Vandevi Festival In January

Dhalo festival of Goa observed in Paush month (December – January) is dedicated to Mother Nature. The annual festival begins on the shukla paksha ekadashi day (eleventh day during the waxing phase of moon) and ends on the purnima or full moon day. Dhalo Festival 2024 date is from January 21 to January 25. The festival is dedicated to Vandevi or the forest goddess. The final day festival is also known as Malani Purnima. The festival coincides with the end of vaigan or rabi cultivation season. The festival has its origin to people who lived in and around forests. They depended for their livelihood. The festival is essentially a sort of thanksgiving to the all providing Mother Nature. The festival is popular in Bicholim Taluka and Pernem Taluka and there are several temples of Goddess here like the famous Dhakti Vandevi Prasanna and Vhodli Vandevi. As part of the festival, women decorate the tulsi plant with pedestal. The tulsi vrindavan symbolically represents the for

Hinduism Quotes on Business Ethics

Quotes from Scriptures in Hinduism on Business Ethics: Know that all this, whatever moves in this moving world, is pervaded by God. Therefore, find your enjoyment in renunciation; do not covet what belongs to others. (Ishavasya Upanishad hymn 1) Among all the purities, purity in money matters is supreme. One whose earning and monetary given and take is pure, only he is pure, not one who is cleansed with clay and water. (Manusmriti) The relations between employers and employees or the private entrepreneurs and the laborers, including wages and their payments, were fixed or regulated by contract, which had to be honored by both sides. Breach of understanding or neglect of duty by either of the two sides was not only immoral but resulted in the defaulter being liable to punishment by the state. (Arthasasthra III/14/1-28) One should constantly remember death. Nothing will survive death. We are born into this world to perform certain duties, like the people who come from the c