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Marana Siddhi in Tantrism – Power to Kill Enemies in Tantric Texts

Marana Siddhi is a tantric rite to gain the ability or power to kill. This ability is used to kill and destroy enemies. Marana Siddhi is attained by those who have undergone rigorous penance. Jnanarnava Tantra, Dwitiya Mundamala Tantra and Mantra Mahodadhi texts contains detailed instructions about how the rite should be performed. Mantra Mahodadhi text states that Bhadrasana is the posture useful for marana. The skin of buffalo is suitable for sitting. Some scholars are of the view that, such Siddhis do not exist and is merely meant to scare people.

Kerala Temple – Priest Carries An Axe To Break Open Door If There Is Any Delay

Uruli Shree Krishna Temple in Thiruvarppu village in Kottayam District in Kerala is unique in many aspects. One of the most striking aspects in Thiruvarppu Sri Krishna Temple is that the priest carries an axe with him while going to open the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Story Why Chief Priest Carries An Axe The murti of Bhagavan Krishna worshipped in the Thiruvarppu temple is that of hungry Krishna, who was tired and exhausted after annihilating demon Kansa. So in this temple food is offered to Krishna first in the morning before all pujas and rituals. Krishna cannot tolerate hunger and so if there is any delay in opening the door of the sanctum sanctorum with the key or if the key is misplaced or if there is some problem with the lock, the chief priest is allowed to break open the door with an axe. Therefore the chief priest carries an axe when going to open the door the main sanctum sanctorum in the temple. Some of the mouth water delicacies offered in the temple are usha p

Tuljabhavani Nidrakal 2024 - Cosmic Sleep Of Goddess Tulja Bhavani Of Tuljapur

Tuljabhavani Nidrakal is a holy period at the famous Tulja Bhavani Temple in Maharashtra . Tuljabhavani Nidrakal is from January 12, 2024 to January 18, 2024. It is observed from the first day of the Paush Shukla Paksha to the 8th day of the Paush Shukla Paksha as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Maharashtra . It is from the Paush Shukla Paksha Pratipada to Ashtami. She also goes into Nidra after Sharad Navratri from October 25, 2023 to October 28, 2023 - (Ekadashi to Purnima). Nidrakal is when the Goddess remains in cosmic sleep. Such periods are observed in certain Shakti Temples. I am not aware whether the temple will remain closed during the period. 

Bhagavad Gita Answers – How To Overcome Difficulty In Worshiping Formless God?

Bhagavad Gita Answers – Difficulty in the Worship of a Formless God – How To Offer Worship? is an extract from Prabuddha Bharata Magazine October 2002 Issue. Though the formless Reality — Atman (behind our personality) or Brahman (behind the universe) — is intellectually very satisfying, one needs to start from where one is. For those whom the world, including their body and mind, is very real, worshipping a formless Reality can end up just as an intellectual exercise. One needs to depersonalize oneself before depersonalizing God. As long as one is conscious of one’s personality, devotion to a Personal God or an incarnation of God is the logical way in spiritual life. Sri Krishna makes the point clear in the Bhagavad Gita:  ‘The task of those whose minds are set on the Unmanifest is more difficult; for the ideal of the Unmanifest is hard to attain for those who are conscious  of their bodies’ (12.5). He continues reassuringly: ‘But those who consecrate all their action

Hindu Festivals 2021 – List Of Important Hindu Festivals – Hindu Festival Calendar In 2021

This is a list of very important festival dates in Hinduism in 2020 based on various regional Hindu calendars. The same festival might be rarely celebrated a day earlier or later in different parts of India. Please note that Hindu religion is so vast that hundreds of festivals take place a year – this list only contains the very important ones. Hindu Festivals 2021 based on Hindu traditional calendar - India Standard Time. January 2021 Hindu Festivals List Lohri - January 13 Makar Sankranti – 14th January, 2021 Pongal – 14th January Sankranti – 14th January Magh Bihu - January 14 Thaipusam – January 29 February 2021 Vasant Panchami – February 16 Ratha Saptami - February 19 Bhishma Ashtami - February 19 March 2021 Maha Shivratri – March 11 Holika Dahan – March 28 Dhulandi Holi  - March 29, 2021 April 2021 Basoda / Sheetla Ashtami – April 4 Ugadi (New Year in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh) – April 13 Gudi Padva – April 13 Chaitra Navratri Begins –