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Puthumana Somayaji – Mathematician From Kerala

Puthumana Somayaji was a mathematician and astronomer from a place known as Shivapuram in Kerala. The Puthumana family was well known as traditional astronomers. They all followed AsvalayanaGrihya  Sutra, a typical aspect depicting some family traditions. Karana Paddhati of Puthumana Somayaji The most important text of Puthumana Somayaji is the Karana Paddhati. It is a comprehensive treatise on astronomy. It deals with not only mathematics but also topics like planetary motion, eclipses, periodicity time of planets, and a part of the Kerala calendar. The language used in Karana Paddhati is Malayalam and the text has 213 verses distributed in 10 chapters. Starting from fundamentals, it displays several formulae, tables and charts that form the basis of several other texts or manuals on this subject. The Other Important Texts Are: Nyaratna Venavarohastaja Panchbodha Grahana Ganita – explaining the occurrence of eclipses with all calculations. Jataka Sesha Manas

Things Put Inside Kalasam Pot

Kalasam is an important part of many Hindu festivals especially during Navratri. Here are the things put inside kalasam pot. Kalasam Pot is also permanently kept in shops and other establishment by many people. There is always doubt regarding what are the things that can be put inside kalash pot. There is no one answer to this question as the items used vary from region to region and from people to people. Some people only use water. The only common item that is put inside Kalash in all regions is water. The important things that are put inside kalash are: Water Coins Supari or betel nut Raw Rice Scent or gandh – a drop of perfume. In some regions people also put sugar, jaggery, white or red sandalwood paste etc. Anything that does not cause unpleasant odor is put inside the kalash pot. The water in the kalash needs to be changed daily if there are things inside it. If it is plain water then it should be changed weekly.

Ravana Is Alive

Is Ravana still alive? Yes very much. Ravana is still alive this is the reason why there is so much of pain, anger and troubles on earth. Lack of peace is the result of Ravana among human beings. Stories in Hinduism are symbolic. They are universal. Evil continues to grow on earth only through human beings in numerous forms. Ravana symbolically represents Ego Pride Anger Greed Infatuation Lust Hatred Jealousy Selfishness Attachment When Rama’s arrows peeled off the negative qualities, Ravana attained moksha. Similarly, modern man is afflicted by lot of negativities. We have to peel them off through the devotion of Lord Rama. ................................. Because we think we are the body We imagine that Heaven exists Somewhere afar. The pure, bright world Of Siva is not a place to go to.Nowhere but in your heart alone It is. (The Garland of Guru’s Sayings, Muruganar. v.197, p.37. 1996.) What does one gain, you well may ask, By giving up the wealth immense Of w