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Vaman Pandit – Author – Srimad Bhagavatam And Bhagavad Gita In Marathi

Vaman Pandit (1608–1695), a contemporary of Shivaji and his successor (17 th Century CE), was a passionate devotee of Bhagvan Sri Krishna and a faithful follower of his teachings. He studied Srimad Bhagavatam diligently and rendered it into Marathi Verse. He also composed a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita. This commentary, called Yatharth Deepika, is in ovi meter and shows his deep scholarship. He was also known as Vaman Tanaji Sesha. Much of Yatharth Deepika is in prose. Vaman Pandit follows the bhashya of Adi Shankaracharya. He followed the classical tradition in literature. All his works are classical in style and spirit. He wrote a number of works propagating devotional system. The spiritual master of Vaman Pandit was Sachidananda Yati, who initiated him and revealed the secrets of Bhargava Arunavidya, which is said to have been found in Upanishads. Vaman Pandit originally hailed from Bijapur (Karnataka). Early in his life, he went to Varanasi for further studies. Here he

White – Black Color Of Nails - Hindu Religion Astrology Meaning

Doing predictions based on the color of nails (white or black) in Hindu religion is part of Samudrika Shastra. It is believed that the different color of nails indicates what is going to happen in future. It is believed that nails reveal the habits and character of a person. It is also used for early prediction of diseases. If there is a crescent white mark (half moon) on any nail then it suggests auspiciousness and better luck. The person will hear happy news. Too many white marks on nails indicate problems related to marriage – delay in marriage (sudden decision to stop marriage etc). There will be problems in married life too. It also means that person has the habit of lying. If there is a prominent white mark on index fingernail (the finger near thumb), then the person will find new friends or get into a relationship. It also indicates success and achievement. White mark on middle fingernail suggests that you are having an enemy among friends or relatives. You mig

Birth Anniversary of Sankardev In 2024 – Birth Tithi of Sankardev in Assam

Sankardev (1449 – 1569) was a popular Vaishnava Saint in Assam . His birth anniversary or birth tithi is observed on the Ashwin Shukla Paksha Dasami Tithi or the tenth day during the waxing phase of moon. Birth Tithi of Sankardev in 2024 is October 213. A Vaishnava saint, Shankardev spread the message of Vedanta and Samkhya philosophy. He used the teachings in Srimad Bhagavata Purana to clarify the doubts of the people who were drawn to numerous other philosophies. To spread the Vaishnava sect, he built numerous Satra the first was at Bardowa and the second was at Barpeta. Some of his talented and famous disciples included Madhav Dev and Anant Kandli. He was able to successfully spread the Vaishnava philosophy in Assam . He wrote several devotional songs like Bhagwat Bhakti Ratnakar, Bhakti pradeep and numerous other literatures including one act plays. The most important holy text of the sect founded by Sankardev is the Srimad Bhagavad Purana.

Eight Solutions to Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha

Rahu Mahadasha is considered a very bad phase in a person’s horoscope and it is for 18 years. Rahu Antardasha is a phase during the 18-year Mahadasha. The person suffers from various types of problems during the period. Rahu is one among the Navgrahas. Here are some important solutions to Rahu Mahadasha and Antardasha: Offer prayers to Nagas (serpents) on Sundays and on Ayilyam or Aslesha Nakshatra day. Offer milk and scent in Naga temples. Offer water to peepal tree. Planting trees and protecting them helps in overcoming all Rahu Navgraha related problems. Donate black til (sesame) to temples or distribute sweets or other food items made of black sesame. Eat one meal in a day in kitchen. Feed dogs, especially black color dogs. Food donation or annadanam is considered highly beneficial. Do not eat non-vegetarian food and drink alcohol on Saturday. Worship Shiva daily in the morning and evening. Chant ‘om namah shivaya’ 21 times daily.

How Many Of Us Have A Plan For Death?

How many of us have a plan for death? -  the one thing that is absolutely certain? The only thing unknown about our death are the time and the cause. We generally recognize the value of planning for the future, although none of us knows what the future has in store for us. While we plan for things that may or may not happen, how many of us have a plan for death, the one thing that is absolutely certain? The only things unknown about our death are the time and the cause. None of us wants to die soon, but having a plan doesn’t hurt. A neurotic obsession with death is a form of illness. It is debilitating and may need clinical intervention. But a positive approach to the phenomenon of death is not only healthy and strengthening but also spiritually beneficial. Spiritual texts and teachers provide much needed guidance in this matter. Swami Vivekananda encouraged his students to think of death always. His glowing words come to mind: Look here – we shall all die [sooner or late