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Bhasani Yatra 2023 In Odisha

Bhasani Yatra, or Basani Jatra, is observed on the day after Vijaya Dashami and Dasara in Odisha. All the murtis, or idols, of Goddess Durga that participated in Durga Puja are taken out in a procession on Bhasanai day and immersed in sea, river, lake or pond. In 2023, Bhasani Yatra in Odisha is October 25. This visarjan ceremony of Goddess Durga is witnessed by thousands of people. At Jagannath Temple in Puri, all the Durga Puja murtis assemble in front of the temple and pays tribute to Lord Jagannath. Thousands of people assemble to witness this unique ritual involving Goddess Durga and Lord Jagannath. In the evening, the murtis of Goddess Durga are taken to a nearby sea, river or lake and the visarjan or immersion ceremony takes place. This ceremony marks the end of Durga Puja festivities in Odisha.

Kati Bihu - Kangali Bihu In Assam In October 2023

Kati Bihu, also known as Kangali Bihu, is a festival observed in Assam and is also known as the poor man’s Bihu. Kati Bihu is observed on the last day of Ashwin Month. In 2023, Kati Bihu is on October 18. Kati Bihu takes its name from the Kartik month which starts from the next day. It is the time of when the agricultural crops especially the paddy begins to grown. It is known as Poor Man’s Bihu because there is little to eat during the period. On the day of Kati Bihu, special prayers and offerings are made to Tulsi plant. Earthen lamps or diyas are lit near the Tulsi plant. Prayers are made for improved yields of crops. In some regions, the lamps are lit for an entire month (the Kartik month). Farmers on the day hung lights from bamboo poles, known as Akash Banti or Sky Lamp, in their farm to keep out pests and other insects.

Worshipping Cow to Overcome Grah Dosh

Hindu astrological texts mention that worshipping cow is an important method to overcome Grah Dosh. The belief is that serving Go Mata will help in overcoming various horoscope related difficulties. Dhanu and Meena Rashi – Those born in Dhanu and Meena Rashi will get relief if they feed cow with roti daily. If this is not possible then they can feed cow with roti and jaggery on Thursday. Mesha and Vrischika Rashi – Such people should feed cow with roti and jaggery on Tuesday. It is believed that those suffering from problems related to Mangal Grah will also find relief. Simha and Karka Rashi people should offer roti with jaggery to cow on Mondays. Makar and Kumbha Rashi people should offer roti with jaggery and green grass to cow on Wednesdays. Vrishabha and Mithuna Rashi people should give water and food to cow daily. If not possible then it should be done on Sunday. Kanya and Tula Rashi people should feed cow daily or on Saturdays. Giving water and green grass

Calculating the time of birth as per Hindu Astrology

Calculating the time of birth as per Hindu astrology is known as Janma Kala. Birth time is the basis for fixing the planetary positions. There are three types of recognized method of finding the time of birth. Baby coming into earth – coming of head from womb. (In some traditions it is the whole body out of the womb). Cutting of umbilical chord. Baby’s first cry. Among the three the first cry of baby is considered as the ideal choice. This is because the child starts breathing in the world and confirms the first living stage.

We can shape our destiny through right living and right thinking

When we are obsessed with the passing pleasures of the world, we ignore our real goal – self realization. A smile is a valuable service we can offer. It might change the day of a downcast and discouraged person. Compassion and generosity are investments that everyone should have. It can create our future destiny. Stand by our beliefs and convictions, it will achieve us greatness and glory. We can shape our destiny through right living and right thinking. We should replace fatalism and pessimism with positive thinking, right attitude, faith and optimism. www.hindu-blog.com Abhilash