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Hiranyagarbha In Hinduism - Concept Of The Golden Egg

The concept of Hiranyagarbha or gold egg is found in the Vedas and it is a unique way of looking at creation. As per Vedas, the entire universe in un-manifested form is found in the Hiranyagarbha. It is the soul of the universe and floated around in emptiness and darkness. Then it broke into two halves. The top half is the heaven. The bottom half is the earth. The intervening space is the sky. The outer membrane of the Golden Egg became mountains. The inner membrane of the egg became clouds and mists. The veins of the egg became rivers and streams and the interior waters of the egg became the oceans. Hiranyagarbha has deep symbolic meaning attached to it. We are yet to understand the true symbolism of Hiranyagarbha. Each one of us must make an attempt to realize what it is. Perhaps in the search we might get purified and realize the Supreme Truth.

Ashtamukhi Ekadasa Rudra Form Of Shiva

Ashtamukhi Ekadasa Rudra is a very rare form of Shiva. Ekadasa Rudra Shiva has 11 primary powers and there is a manifestation for each power. In Ashtamukhi Ekadasha Rudra form, Shiva has eight faces with 11 powers. There is no unity regarding the 11 powers. Various people have various interpretation of the powers. The most widely accepted Ekadasa Rudra Shiva forms are: Kapali Pingala Bhima Virupaksha Vilohita Shashta Ajapada Ahirbudhnya Sambhu Chanda Bhava In Ashtamukhi Ekadasa Rudra, the eight faces of Shiva faces eight directions. This form is worshipped for getting powers to overcome enemies.

Can We Wash Clothes On Ekadashi?

When I first heard the question “can we wash clothes on Ekadashi?” I thought it was some kind of joke. But later I realized that it was an innocent query by an ardent devotee of Bhagavan Vishnu. Yes, you can wash clothes on Ekadashi there is absolutely no problem in doing it. Bhagavan in Kali Yuga is attainable by mere remembrance. We need not fear anything. Do your dharma and bhagavan will always there to protect you. Do your daily duties honestly is itself a dharma. Washing body and washing one’s clothes daily is itself a dharma.

Fourteen Failings of Ruler as per Ramayana

The fourteen failings of Ruler as per Ramayana are: Atheism - The ruler can be a non believer, that is a personal choice, but he cannot impose it on this subjects. Dissimulation - The act of deceiving will soon result in the death of the ruler. Inattention Anger Ego Procrastination Lack of discrimination in companionship Gratification of senses Disregard of counsel Consultation with those who advocate what is ill advised. Failure to carry out what has been decided. Disclosure of council received Omission of sacred practice in the early morning Desire to enter into combat with all thy foes at the same time.