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Which is the current year in Marathi Calendar in Maharashtra?

The current year in Marathi Calendar followed in Maharashtra in India is 1944. It is the Shalivahana Shaka Era 1944. As per Marathi Panchang the name of the current year is the Shubhakrit Nama Samvatsara. The current year began on April 2, 2022 and will end on March 22, 2023. The New Year in Maharashtra is known as Gudi Padwa. The calendar followed in Maharashtra is the traditional lunar calendar. A month begins after Amavasya or no moon day and ends with the next Amavasya. 

30 Wise Sayings of Hindus

This is a collection of 30 wise sayings of Hindus. These wise sayings are from Sanskrit and are known as Subhashita. Ears are to be adorned by listening to the scriptures and not with ear rings; hands by alms giving and not with bracelets, and body by benevolence and not with the application of sandal-paste. He restrains his friend from committing sins, and induces him to do good deeds.   He conceals the unseemly secrets of a friend, projecting only his good qualities.   He does not desert his friend in difficulties, but gives timely assistance.   Saints describe these as the characteristics of a true friend. Wanting to reform the wicked with nectar-sweet advice, is like trying to control an elephant with the pith of a lotus-stem, or cutting a diamond with delicate petals of the Shireesh flower, or sweetening the salty ocean with a drop of honey. Indeed, a son is he who makes his father happy with his good deeds.   Th