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Get Over The Problem Of What Other People Think Of Us

What will other people think of us? We all are slave of this… We all face umpteen mental agonies due to this… In fact, our entire life is based on this fear. Get over this problem quickly as possible as it is stopping us from doing things we like.

How many of us have the courage to say what other people think of me is none of my business?

Look around and you will see that a child is not bothered about it. Animals are not bothered about it. Plants and trees are not bothered about. The great people we admire and study were not bothered about it.

Our parents, relatives, teachers, and society slowly injected this psychological problem into us…

Actually are these people really interested in our welfare and well being that we try to impress them daily.

Say we have a financial fall…do you think the people we tried to impress will come and help us. Actually, nobody is bothered about us. They themselves are a slave of it. They themselves are hiding behind mountains of problems.

Why should we go on sacrificing our likes and interests just because what other people will think?

Rose flower is beautiful but have you ever seen it shedding its thorns to impress others. We have to like it with the thorns.

Similarly, be what we are. If people want to like us; then like us for what we are.

Do not make compromises to get the approval of others.

Do things you like irrespective of what other people think.

It is not easy to shed this big problem. But we can…for this we need courage…we need to shed ignorance through scriptural study…and as this problem was injected in us slowly…we should remove it slowly.

By www.hindu-blog.com