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Read Ramayana In Telugu Online With English Translation

Gitasupersite is now offering an exclusive website dedicated to Ramayana. You can read Ramayana online for free in Telugu. There is also English and Sanskrit Translation of each verse in Ramayan.

You can read the Ramayana Shloka wise or Sarga (chapter) wise

An Example .... the first verse

[Saint Narada visits hermitage of Valmiki -- Valmiki queries about a single perfect individual bestowed with all good qualities enumerated by him -- Narada, knower of past, present and future, identifies such a man -- describes virtues, qualities of Sri Rama -- narrates briefly the story of his life.]

తపస్స్వాధ్యాయనిరతం తపస్వీ వాగ్విదాం వరమ్ .
నారదం పరిపప్రచ్ఛ వాల్మీకిర్మునిపుఙ్గవమ్ ৷৷1.1.1৷৷

తపస్వీ ascetic, వాల్మీకి: Valmiki, తప: స్వాధ్యాయనిరతమ్ highly delighted in the practice of religious austerities and study of vedas, వాగ్విదాం వరమ్ eloquent among the knowledgeable, మునిపుఙ్గవమ్ pre-eminent among sages, నారదమ్ Narada, పరిపప్రచ్ఛ enquired.

Ascetic Valmiki enquired of Narada, pre-eminent among the sages ever engaged in the practice of religious austerities or study of the Vedas and best among the eloquent.