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Story Of Origin Of Onion In Hinduism - Reason Why Onion Is Non-Veg For Some Hindus

There are numerous stories regarding the origin of onion in Hinduism and some of the give the reason why onion is considered as non-vegetarian by certain Hindu communities. This particular story is associated with Vedic Yajnas. During the Satya Yuga, Sages performed Gomedha Yajna (cow sacrifice) and Ashvamedha Yajna (horse sacrifice) for the welfare of the people. During the course of the yajna, a cow or horse was sacrificed. At the culmination of the Yajna, the same cow or horse was brought back to life by the Rishis through mantras but with a younger body. Once, a sage was performing Gomedha Yajna. The wife of the sage was pregnant and she desired to eat meat. She believed that if a pregnant woman had a desire to eat and did not eat then the child born will always have saliva coming out of the mouth. So when the cow was sacrificed, she took a small piece of meat and hid it. Soon the sacrifice ended and the Rishi chanted mantras and brought back the cow to life but h

Krishna Fighting Arjuna To Kill Gaya Gandharva

The story of Gaya Gandharva who creates fight between Arjuna and Krishna is not found in the Vyasa Mahabharata but features in many regional retelling of the Mahabharata. Arjuna protects the Gandharva as Subhadra had given the word that her husband will protect him. But Krishna wanted to kill the Gandharva for spitting on his head. As the regional retelling a Gandharva called Gaya was flying over Dwaraka one day when he spat on the ground. Gaya’s spit fell on Krishna’s head. Furious at his insolence, Krishna took an oath to bead the creature who showed him such disrespect. He then picked up his weapons, including the dreaded Sudarshana chakra, mounted his chariot, and set out in pursuit of Gaya. Terrified of Krishna, Gaya ran to Indraprastha and fell at the feet of Subhadra, Arjuna’s wife. ‘O noble lady! Save me from a mad warrior who is after my life and threatens to kill me for a crime accidentally committed,” the Gandharva cried. Feeling sorry for the poor creatu

Sammakka Saralamma Jatara 2024 – Biannual Festival – Medaram Sammakka Sarakka Jatara in 2024

Sammakka Sarakka Jatara is observed in Magh month (February). This is a biannual festival and attracts millions of people and is the largest tribal festival in the world. Sammakka Saralamma Jatara 2024 dates are February 20 to February 24. The jatara is held at Medaram, which is around 90 km from Warangal in Telangana. Tribal priests will bring the idol of Sammakka from Chilkalguda hillocks, two km away from Medaram, and install it at the altar in Medaram on February 20, 2024. The next day, they bring the idol of Sarakka from Kannepally village to be installed. Two days later, the priest will take the Sammakka idol away. Next day, the idol of Sarakka is taken away. With this, the jatara comes to an end. The biannual Sammakka Saralamma Jatara is observed for four days before full moon day or purnima of the Magh month. The festival is basically dedicated to two tribal women - Sammakka and Saralamma. They were fierce warriors. Sammakka is the mother of Saralamma. S

Teachings From Poems of Subramania Bharati

A collection of teachings from poems of Subramania Bharati On Krishna O mind, remember Kannan’s holy feet; It will give definitely An indestructible form. The Lord who sports A darkling form, Will give us riches, Gratification and fame. Like the worm in the fishing-rod, Like a flame in the wind, My heart did throb in anguish For an endless term. Like a caged parrot I sorrowed alone. Even the sweetest things Turned bitter to my taste. As I lived again in thought The magic touch, the softness, The body thrilled anew And a novel peace was mine. I wondered in my mind Who He might have been: Lo! The divine form of Krishna Stood before my eyes. …….. On Advaita Are those flame-bright eyes, Kannamma! The sun and the moon? Does the dark eye-ball, Kannamma! Reflect the inky skies? Are those woven diamonds gleaming On the raven-like silken robe The star-clusters above In the middle of the night? Having vanqui