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Straight Trunk Ganesha Benefits

Straight trunk Ganesha were unknown in ancient times but today people have started finding benefits of keeping straight trunk Ganesha. There is no reference to straight trunk Ganesha in scriptures. There are some rare straight trunk Ganesh sculptures in certain temples. Straight Trunk Ganesha is mostly associated with vastu and its creators are more associated with vastu. Benefits Of Keep Straight Trunk Ganesha At Home It is worshipped for getting the blessings of Riddhi and Siddhi. It is used for awakening the Kundalini. Spiritual aspirants on the path of moksha or liberation use this type of Murti. The murti is also associated with Samadhi.

Arundhati Vrat – Performed For Avoiding Widowhood

Arundhati vrat is a ritual performed by women to forestall widowhood. The vrat and is named after Arundhati, daughter of Kardama Prajapati and Devahuti, and the virtuous wife of great Sage Vasishta. This vrat is observed my married woman at the beginning of spring, usually during the month of April. Arundhati is the patron deity of newlywed brides. She was a woman of exemplary character, completely devoted to her husband. In some parts of India the bride and the bridegroom are customarily directed to look at the Arundhati star on   their wedding day as a prayer for marital bliss. How To Perform Arundhati Vrat? Arundhati vrat begins with a sankalpa (religious resolution) by performing achamana (sipping of water from the palm while chanting the names of Lord Vishnu) thrice, then invoking the Goddess Arundhati by offering flowers and praying. When the worship is over, the worshiper bows down to the Goddess and prays for a long and happy married life and prosperity. Later, ma

Shatakshi Devi Puja Vidhi – Procedure – With Mantra – How To Perform Devi Shatakshi Puja?

Shatakshi Devi is the form of Mother Goddess Durga in which she feeds all living beings. She is worshipped for ending poverty and for the never-ending supply of food items. Below is Shatakshi Devi puja vidhi or procedure along with mantra. This is a simple guide on how to perform Shatakshi Devi Puja and is ideal for performing it at home. Shatakshi Devi Mantra ॐ   शताक्षे   शंखिनीभ्यां   चक्षूरोगान्   शमय   तेजो   दर्शय   नमः॥ When to Perform Goddess Shatakshi Devi Puja? The ideal day to perform the puja: Purnima Tithi – full moon day. Legend has is that when Mother Goddess Durga appeared in this form, she had 1000 eyes. That is the reason why she is known as Shakakshi - the thousand-eyed Goddess. Benefits of Performing Devi Shatakshi Puja Cure from eye ailments. There will always be food in the house. Even the incurable disease will be cured. It is said that when she appeared on earth, she saw her children suffering due to drought. She kept crying for

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 Reflections - Krishna Shows His Cosmic Form in Chapter 11

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 is of great importance because Krishna shows his cosmic form to Arjuna in this chapter. The blessed lord said, “Behold, O Partha! My forms, by hundreds and thousands, of different sorts, divine and of various colors and shapes. (11.5) An explanation to this verse by Swami Chinmayananda – if gold is the essential stuff in all the ornaments, every ornament in the world must be available in the total gold. To see the gold in the ornaments is relatively easy, it being a physical perception. But to detect the presence of all ornaments of different shapes and colors in the total gold is comparatively difficult, in as much as it is the vision of the intellect. Now behold, O Gudakesha! In this body, that the whole universe centered in one, including, the moving and the unmoving, and whatever else you desire to see. (11.7) Swami Chinmayananda says – he must necessarily see framed in Krishna all at once, the entire universe compressed and miniature with it