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Lalleshwari – Life – History – Miracles – Poems of Lal Ded Of Kashmir

Lalleshwari is a Shaivite ascetic and mystic poetess of Kashmir. Lalleshwari is variously known as Lalla Lalleshwari, Lalla Arifa, Lalla Matschi, Lalla Togini, Lalla Yogeshwari and Lala Ded.  Lalleshwari Life Little is known about her life except that she was born in a Saraswat Brahmin family of Kashmir sometime between 1300 and 1320 AD. Legend has it that she took six different rebirths and even bore a son before being born in the same family at Pandrenthan, six km southeast of Srinagar where she had died in the first instance. Reaching her twelfth year, Lalleshwari was married to Sona Pandita at Pampur through the family priest, Siddha Srikantha. At the marriage ceremony Lalleshwari is said to have whispered to Siddha Srikantha that the boy who she was marrying was the child born to her as a son in her first birth and about whose real relationship she had inquire of him then. Siddha Srikantha verified the statement and was overwhelmed by Lalleshwari’s knowledge of e

Kururamma – Krishna Devotee From Kerala Who Adopted Krishna As Her Child

Kururamma (1570 AD to 1640 AD) was a devotee of Guruvayoorappan, the deity of the famous Sri Krishna temple at Guruvayur in Kerala. She had the divine vision of Lord Krishna due to her unwavering devotion. Among many others, Kurur Amma is a legendary devotee of Guruvayurappan, and she inspired hundreds of devotees in later times. Life of Kururamma  Kururamma belonged to a Namboodiri family of Thrissur District, famed for its cultural erudition. She was born in the year 1570 AD. Her maiden name was Thathri Kutty Thathri Kutty was married to the Kurur Namboothiri family which is in the village of Aadathu near Thrissur. Thathri kutty became a widow at the age of 16. She had no children and she became an ardent devotee of Guruvayoorappan. As she was the senior most member of the Kurur family she came to be known as Kururamma. She realized that she had no one in the world except Lord Krishna. Her nama japam of Krishna elevated her to the highest degree of bhakti (devotion).  

Define Your Success

Have you ever defined what your success is? Or are you following the definition of success defined by society, parents, teachers or others? If you cannot define your success then you will end up regretting later in life. To be successful, happy and content in life you need to define your success not someone else. What you want to achieve with your life should not be decided by someone else. Neither should it be based on what the crowd wants. Do not blindly follow a trend set by someone. There was a time everyone used to go for Information Technology (IT) engineering without even knowing whether they had a genuine interest in it. Few who had genuine interest followed it and made it big. The rest all ended up wasting their life with no happiness and contentment in life. A person might be interested in simple and plain things in life. Another person might want to own a private jet. Both should be allowed to follow their dream. There are people who sacrifice the