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Pashupata Sutra

Pashupata Sutra is the earliest treatise on the main tenets of the Pasupata System. Pashupata Sutra or Panchadhayayi pertains to the school of Maheshwara Shaivism which was opposed to Vedic practices in ancient India. Pashupata Sutra enunciates the doctrines of the Nakulisa Pashupatas, the followers of the Nakulisa (Lakulisa), held as a manifestation of Lord Shiva. The work was commented on by Rasikara Kaundinya, probably belonging to the Gupta period. The work is divided into five section (hence known as Panchadhyayi), dealing with the five fundamentals of the Pashupata system – these are the main principles of the sect. The five fundamentals are Mahat Karya – The karana – Lord Shiva is main cause The constituents of Yoga (meditation) Viddhis such as bathing three times a day (practices) End of Duhkhanta (misery) – this is the final goal. Pashupata Sutra lay down certain practices to be adopted by an adherent of this school. He should besmear his body thric

Demon Maricha In Ramayana - He Was Gatekeeper In Vaikunta - Story Of

Maricha was the son of demons Sunanda and Tadaka in the Ramayana. He was also the uncle of Ravana. Story of Maricha can be found in the Bala Kanda and Aranya Kanda of Ramayana. It is believed that in his previous birth, Maricha was a gatekeeper in the Vaikunta and was cursed to be born as a Rakshasa. He was promised that he will get relief from curse when he will be killed by Sri Rama in the Treta Yuga. Maricha Defeated By Bhagavan Sri Ram Maricha was born as a terrible demon in the Treta Yuga and he harassed the saints in the Dandaka Forest . He continued with his adharmic activities until Sri Ram appeared in Treta Yuga. He faced the power of the arrows of Sri Ram and Lakshman when he attempted to disrupt a yajna of Vishwamitra. The Yajna was protected by the two brothers and for the first time Maricha experienced defeat and learned about higher powers. Change In Character Of Maricha After this incident, there was change in the character of Maricha, he grew matted hair a

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait Quotes

A collection of quotes and teachings of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. Unless you understand the purpose of life and work toward attaining that, life remains pointless. The power to shape our destiny in this life and beyond is a unique privilege available to those of us who understand the immense potency of our life force. For those who know the purpose behind their birth, life is the gateway to freedom. Such people are not attached to the body, mind, senses, and worldly possessions. They know these are merely tools to achieve the goal of life, not goals themselves. They use these tools wisely and leave them behind when they are no longer needed. This is the way of yogis. For those who do not know the purpose behind their birth, life is the gateway to sorrow. Not knowing any better, they become attached to the body, mind, senses, and their worldly possessions. Lacking wisdom, they have little or no inclination to use these tools to achieve the main goal of life but become preo