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Reason Tulsi Plant In Front Of Hindu Homes - The Story

Tulsi or the sacred Basil plant is well known for its medicinal properties and is found in front of many Hindu homes. But why is Tulsi plant found in front of all Hindu homes? It is because Lord Vishnu had stated no puja will be complete without offering of Tulsi leaves to Him. Demon Jalandhar (also known as Shanka Chuda) was so powerful that he drove out the Devas from heaven and established his rule. Devas could not defeat Jalandhar because no weapon could harm him. The demon was powerful because his chaste wife, Vrinda. The pious lady thought of no other men and her prayers and spirituality made her husband invincible. Vrinda was pious but her husband was using her piety to spread Adharma on earth. To restore Dharma, Vishnu agreed to help the Devas. Vrinda had always prayed to Vishnu that she should have darshan of Him. Vishnu appeared before in the form of her husband. She served him without realizing that it was Vishnu and not her husband. Having served another

Parashurama Bow - Story Of Bow And Arrow Of Parshuram

Story of the bow and arrow of Parshuram is mentioned in the Bala Kanda of the epic Ramayana. Parashuram bow was so powerful that only very few could lift it up. The greatness and glory of the divine bow and arrow is narrated by Parasurama to Bhagavan Sri Ram. The bow of Parshuram, like Pinaka bow of Mahadev Shiva, was made by Vishwakarma, the divine architect of the universe. It was first in the possession of Lord Vishnu. Saint Richaka had received the bow from sakshal Narayana. The Rishi had given the bow to his son Jamadagni, father of Parashurama. This bow was used to kill innumerable kings on earth who were spreading Adharma. Parashuram had heard that that Sri Ram had married Mata Sita after breaking the bow of Mahadev Shiva. An angry Parasuram stops the marriage party of Sri Ram in the deep dense forest.  Parashuram then challenges Sri Ram to lift his bow and tie the string and shoot an arrow. This task is easily performed by Sri Ram. Parashuram abandons the bow

Rabindranath Tagore on Nataraja Dance of Shiva

Nrityera tale tale, Nataraj, ghuchao ghuchao ghuchao skala bandha he – remove all my fetters through the rhythms of the unbounded span of tunes of your dance music. The cosmic ripples are created by your dance steps. Saraswati’s shoreless lake is full of those ripples. The lotus of Saraswati’s lake is emitting divine fragrance. Tomar nritya aminta bitta bharuk chitta mama – Let the immeasurable wealth of your dance fill the span of my psyche. Your liberated embodiment is revealed in your dance, all of your illusions are reflected in your cosmic dance. The whole universe as well as the infinitesimal atoms are under the spell of your dance movements. In the swing of your tuneful rhythmic dance, bondage and freedom are balanced through ages and aeons. I am amazed at your infinity. Rebellious atoms get beautifully regulated at the spell of your dance. The sun, the moon and other luminaries are orchestrated, along with the luminous anklets jingling around your feet.