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World – The Mirror – Story Of Duryodhana And Yudhisthira

World is only a mirror of what you are from inside. This is based on the story of Duryodhana and Yudhisthira. Yudhisthira was famous all over the world for his virtuous conduct and his honest and straightforward nature. As a contrast Duryodhana was notorious and was known for his bad and cruel nature, greed, etc.  Once Sri Krishna commissioned Duryodhana to go round the world and find out how many of the persons are good natured, helpful to others, having a virtuous conduct and daily having regular prayers to the Lord, etc. Duryodhana accordingly went round the world and came back in a short time and told Krishna with a disgust that the entire world was full of cheats, scoundrels, confidence tricksters and absolutely bad natured. Sri Krishna then asked Yudhisthira to go round the world to find out approximately as to how much percentage of the people were honest, good natured, helpful to others, generous, straight forward etc. Yudhisthira also having gone round the wo

Jivanmuktas In Hindu Religion – Understanding The Meaning And Life Of Jivanmukta

By doing Sadhana, the one who reaches a higher state of consciousness is referred to as Jivanmuktas in Hindu religion. They are the people who have reached the highest state of humanly possible realization. Jivanmuktas Are Classified Into Four Categories Brahma Vid –   The Knower of Brahman Brahma Vid Vara – Better knower of Brahman Brahma Vid Variya – the one who knows Brahman best. Brahma Vid Varishta – the greatest knower of Brahman Beyond the fourth is a category, the highest category, rarely reached. Perhaps, not more than a dozen people would have been there since the inception of the entire world, who can be said to be in this category. (It is the world beyond forms and categories.) Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi was asked to be a witness in a case related to Arunachaleshwara Temple. The judges came to speak with Bhagavan and they made enquiries with him, along the following lines – “Who are you? You don’t look to be a Sanyasi, but like a sanyasi you have shaved o

Drop The False Ideas Of Predestination And Fate

There is a deep-rooted idea in the heart of a section of our people that Vidhata Purusha (the dispenser of fate) determines all about a man’s life beforehand, and writes every detail of the same on the forehead of a baby when it is born. Whatever vicissitudes of fortune, whatever adversity or prosperity the child will pass through in its life, is predestined. Even the strongest efforts on its part cannot avert them. The best plan, therefore, is to reconcile oneself to one’s fate. These slavish ideas of daiva, predestination, fate and destiny should at once be knocked on the head, and the healthy and vigorous ideas of self-help, self-exertion should be taught and practiced. These cramping, weakening and false imaginations have reigned long in our society and sapped its foundation, dragging men down to the level of crawling worms. These notions have got rooted so deep in our hearts that it demands most vigorous efforts to eradicate them. Are not these fancies of helples