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Flexible Approach in Life - Helps Facing Small And Big Tremors In Life

A flexible approach in life is necessary to overcome small and big tremors in life. All the tremors that happen in life can be handled only if we are flexible, if we are rigid then there will be a breakdown. It will lead to catastrophe. A flexible approach is the much-needed shock absorber of life. Flexible means you are ready for the change. You are prepared to accept challenges in life. You are also at peace. You do not have unwanted expectations. You allow life to have its natural flow. You are not directing the flow. Anger, frustration, disappointment, depression, irritation, fear of failure and other negative emotions can be overcome by dropping rigidity and welcoming flexibility into our life. The basic rule is to accept the fact that things will not happen always the way we want them to. Some days we might be the winner on other days we might be the loser. When you start getting frustrated, it is time to loosen up. It is a sign that you are tightening your screw

Is Mind Permanent Or Temporary?

Is this mind permanent, or temporary? – Yoga Vasishta Answers In one aspect, it is permanent and in the other, it is temporary. What is this 'permanent and temporary'? A wall casts shadow in daytime. There is no shadow during the nighttime. Next day also the shadow is there. You said, "This is the shadow of our wall". The shadow of yesterday has gone yesterday itself. Then why do you speak as if this shadow and that shadow are one and the same? If they are one, then the shadow is permanent and if they are different, then, the shadow is temporary. You are seeing your image in the mirror. The mirror is pushed aside. Then the image disappears. You brought the mirror in front of you. Again the image reappears. Now, do you say that the previous image and the present image are one or not? If you say that it is one, then, the image becomes permanent. If you disagree, the image becomes temporary. But, when you disagree, you should show the difference. Our