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Bengali Ashara Month 2023 – Ashada Mash in Bangla Calendar - Ashar Month in 2023

Ashar month, or Ashad, is the third month in a traditional Bengali calendar. In 2023, Aashar Month in Bangla Calendar begins on June 16 and ends on July 17, 2023. The current year as per Bengali calendar is 1430. Some of the auspicious days in the month include Manasa Devi Puja  and Kamakhya Devi Puja (June 22 to June 26). Important Festivals and Auspicious Days in Ashara Month Puri Ratha Yatra - June 20 Bipadtarini Puja is on June 24 and June 27 Return Journey of Puri Rath Yatra - June 28 Guru Purnima - July 3 Manasa puja - Ashtanga puja - July 17 Purnima day in Ashada month in 2023 is on July 3. Amavasya in Ashara Mash is on June 18 and July 17 The two Ekadashis in the month are on June 29 and July 13 The next month in Bengali Calendar is the Shravan month.

Teachings and Quotes From Aditya Purana - Skanda Purana - Shiv Puran

A collection of Quotes and teachings from Aditya Purana, Skanda Purana and Shiv Puran. Aditya Purana Quotes  Shiva says to Skanda: Jnana (knowledge) is never the attribute of Atma (Self). Atma itself is of the nature of Jnana, which is all pervasive, eternal and auspicious. I am the self of all beings. The supreme ruler is one only. All the objects are fictitiously imposed on me. All the world is only Consciousness. Ignorant people see it as world. Wise people see the world as the mere Self. This truth, incomprehensible for the ordinary, was taught by Vashishta to Rama in bygone times. Aditya Purana – Chapter 15 (Source: Journey to the Sublime – compiled and edited by K. N. Subramanian) Skanda Purana Quotes Just as some parts of the human body (e.g. the right hand or ear) are held to be purer (than others), so some localities on the earth are held to be holier than others. Teerthas are held to be holy on account of some wonderful natural characteristic of the loca