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Make Holi Colours at Home – How to Prepare Natural Holi Powder Colors?

Natural Holi colors are those made using natural products like flowers, herbs, leaves, barks, roots etc. And the best part is that these natural colors for Holi can be prepared at home. Preparing the colors with children and friends at home in itself is a fun way to start the preparation for Holi festival. But the greatest advantage is that by preparing the gulal at home you can escape from the hazards created by dangerous chemical colors. Deccan Herald writes about making Natural Colors which was earlier published in the Amruth Magazine March, 09 issue.   Green Dry Colour For a pretty green shade, use mehendi/henna powder mixed with equal quantity of gram flour or green gram flour. Buy only pure mehendi and avoid one mixed with amla which is meant for colouring hair. Dry mehendi will not leave harmful colour on your face and can be easily washed off, which is another advantage.  Green Watercolor To make your wet colour: mix two teaspoons of mehendi in

Amareshwar Shiva – About God Amareshwar Manifestation of Shiva

Amareshwar is one among the numerous names of Shiva. Information about this form of Shiva is found in the Kashi Kandha of Skanda Purana. It is believed that the Amareshwar Shivling is a representation of the famous Amarnath Shivling. Those devotees who are unable to visit Amarnath can have of the darshan of Amareshwar Shiva and attain salvation. The most important temple with Amareshwar Shivling is located in Varanasi. Another temple is located on the way to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. It is believed that Nandi, the vehicle of Shiva, brought the Amareshwar Shivling to earth for devotees. Worshipping this form of Shiva will help in removing fear of death. As Amareshwar, Shiva is the one without death. As Amareshwara, Shiva is believed to have told the secret of immortality to Goddess Parvati. He has the knowledge of afterlife and death. He shares it with ardent devotees. This helps devotees to escape from fear of death. This knowledge takes one in the p

Nine Kinds of Devotional Service in the Bhagavata Purana

Srimad Bhagavata Purana mentions the nine kinds of devotional service. The nine activities constitute pure devotional service. They are: Hearing about the transcendental name, form, qualities, paraphernalia, and pastimes of the Lord; Chanting about these things; Remembering them; Serving the lotus feet of the Lord; Offering the Lord respectful worship with incense, flowers, water, and so on; Offering prayers to the Lord Becoming his servant; Considering the Lord one’s best friend; Surrendering everything unto Him.

Gokul – Importance – Temples – Rituals – Gokul of Sri Krishna near Mathura

Gokul, the place of Sri Krishna’s boyhood, is located around 10 km southeast of Mathura Junction Railway Station. This is the birthplace of Sri Krishna across the Yamuna River from Mathura. The importance of Gokul is found in the Harivamsha and the Srimad Bhagavad Purana. The place attracts thousands of Hindus from India and around the world. Krishna and his brother Balarama spent their childhood days at Gokul under the care of their foster-mother Yashoda and father Nanda. Many of the famous divine incidents mentioned in various Puranas and other Hindu scriptures took place here. Gokul witnessed Krishna’s childhood experiences, activities and adventures. Mahavan (great forest) nearby was another important place associated with the adventures of Krishna in Gokul. Gokul is the place where Vaishnava Bhakti Saint Sri Vallabhacharya founded the Pushtimarga (path of grace) movement in the 16th century. In 1520, he built a temple to Sri Nathji on Govardhan Hill at Gokul. At Gokul,

Hanuman Mantra To Overcome Financial Problems

In Kali Yuga, the present age as per Hindu religion, people will face umpteen problems due to ignorance. One of the most common problems this age is financial problem. The best way to overcome financial problems is by chanting Hanuman mantra on Tuesday or Saturday. Hanuman Mantra To Overcome Financial Problems Om Mahabalaya Viraya Chiranjivan Uddathe Harine Vajra Dehaya Cholangitmavyaye ॐ महाबलाय वीराय चिरंजिवीन उद्दते ।   हारिणे वज्र देहाय चोलंग्घितमहाव्यये How To Chant Hanuman Mantra To Overcome Financial Problems The mantra should be chanted before sunrise on Tuesday or Saturday in a Hanuman Temple. The devotee should wake up early morning well before sunrise take bath and wear red color dress. Then offer prayers to Ganesha and Lord Rama. Then visit a Hanuman Temple and sit in meditative pose facing the temple murti. Chant the mantra 108 times and keep count on a red sandalwood mala (lal chandan mala). After chanting the mantra 108 times offer praye

Hindu Teachings On Humility

A collection of Hindu quotes and teachings on Humility. There is nothing stronger than a humble man, because a humble man, renouncing self, yields to God. He whose heart is pure and in who there is no pride, he who is humble, constant and simple, who looks upon every creature as his friend and loves every soul as his own, he who treats every creature with equal tenderness and love, he who would do good and has abandoned vanity – in his heart dwelleth the Parabrahma – Lord of life. Beautiful are the words of the prayer: “Come and dwell in us.” All is comprised in these words. Man has all that he requires if God comes to dwell in him. So that God may dwell in us, we must do only one thing: diminish ourselves in order to give place to God. As soon as man has diminished himself, God enters and dwells in him. Therefore in order to have all that is needful to him, man must first humble himself. The more deeply man penetrates into self, and the more insignificant he appears to h