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Attributes of Shiva in Hindu Religion – Holy Symbols and Things Associated with Shiva

Numerous symbols and things are exclusively associated with Hindu god Shiva. These attributes of Shiva have hidden and universal meaning. Shivling – This is the universal symbol of Shiva. Shivling is the symbol of that which is formless and without attribute. The Supreme Truth takes form to satisfy the urge of his devotees.   Yoni Bhaga or Yoni-patta – pedestal of Shivling - symbol of creative energy. Chandra – crescent moon. Symbolically reminds about the cycle of creation, sustenance and destruction. Like the moon, the universe undergoes cyclic creation and dissolution. Ganga – River Ganga – It symbolically represents life and all life is connected to Shiva. There is nothing outside Shiva. Karpada – jata – matted hair – symbol of connectivity with nature. Trinetra – third eye – the power of Shiva to consume all that is against dharma Tripundra – sacred mark – symbol of creation, sustenance and dissolution worn by Shiva devotees. Trishul – Trident – r

Five Wish Fulfilling Hanuman Temples in North India

As per Hinduism, Lord Hanuman is one deity who can be easily pleased. In Kali Yuga, worship of Hanuman helps in desire fulfillment. Here are five wish fulfilling Hanuman Temples in North India. The belief is that after offering prayers in these temples wishes of devotees are fulfilled. Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple in Varanasi (Kashi – Benares) The murti of Hanuman worshipped in the Sankat Mochan Temple in Varanasi is believed to have appeared to give darshan to Goswami Tulsidas Ji. The belief is that Hanuman here fulfills the desires of his devotees immediately. Ulta Hanuman Temple in Indore This is a very famous wish fulfilling Hanuman temple. Hanuman here is getting ready to go into Patala to defeat Mahiravana. Thousands of Hindu devotees have had their wishes fulfilled after offering prayers here. Hanuman Dhara Temple at Chitrakoot This unique Hanuman temple located at Chitrakoot is noted for a huge Hanuman murti and there are two water bodies nearby. T

Samskrit Divas – Sanskrit Day

Sanskrit Divas is annually observed on the Shravan Purnima day. The main objective of the observance of Sanskrit day is to promote Sanskrit and to educate the general public about the importance of Sanskrit. Samskrit Divas 2023 date is August 31. Organizations that promote Sanskrit, government, schools and colleges, temples and other education institutions organize various programs on the day. Book fairs, publication of Sanskrit books, lectures, reading of Sanskrit texts, talks and debates are organized on the day.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Quotes - 108 Quotes of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (born 13 May 1956) is a Hindu Guru synonymous with Art of Living. He is popularly referred to as Sri Sri, Guruji or Gurudev. He is world-renowned Hindu spiritual leader and founder of the Art of Living Foundation. Here are few quotes of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar collected over the past 10 years from various sources. Feelings change, thoughts change, ideas change, body is undergoing changes all the time. But the thirst deep within us is for something that is not changing, that is eternal, that is always, that is the same. You reject something, but if you reject it without anger it is not bondage; if you reject something with anger, then that is bondage. You receive some, and when you receive: "Oh, oh, oh!" you are excited about it, then that is bondage. Whatever is done with anger or excitement makes a strong impression in the mind and that becomes a bondage. Look into the motives behind your actions. Often you don't go for things you real