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Venkatesa Mangalashtak by Vadiraja – English Translation

Vadiraja (1480 – 1600 AD) is one of the outstanding Acharyas who belongs to both Vyasa and Dasa Kuta. Vadiraja has composed many devotional songs apart from his classic works in Sanskrit like ‘Yuktimallika.’ His Venkatesa Mangalashtak in Sanskrit is very alluring and popular and is sun on all ceremonial occasions. In it, Poet Vadiraja presents a graphic word picture o the Divine form of the Lord directly seen through his eyes apart from the description of his glory as sung by Vedas and Puranas. With rare felicity of poetic expression, the ardent devotee and the gifted poet in Vadiraya, appears to outshine the logician and philosopher in him. Venkatesa Mangalashtak Lord Venkatesa has two wives – Sridevi and Bhudevi. Brahma, husband of Saraswati is his son, Shiva who has moon on his head as jewel is his grandson. Lord of serpents (Sesha) is his resting abode; all the demigods (Devas) are his attendants. Garuda is his chariot and the entire universe is his residence. He is the

Banana Offering To Lord Vishnu in Hindu Religion – Benefits and How to Make Banana Offering to Vishnu

Yellow color seasonal fruits, yellow color sweets and food items are the favorite offering to Lord Vishnu in Hindu religion. Here are the benefits of offering Banana to Lord Vishnu and how to make the offering banana offering to Srihari Vishnu. Benefits of offering Banana to Lord Vishnu It is an important offering to Vishnu for good health. Those facing severe health issues should offer Banana to Lord Vishnu on every Thursdays and during Ekadasi (11th day of a fortnight). It is offered to face controversies strongly and to overcome scandals. It is offered to escape from accidents and from damage due to bad weather. Banana is offered for success in professional life. It is also offered to get a job at the earliest. Offering of yellow color banana is done for success in education and interviews. It is offered for success in business. The devotee should also chant the mantra ‘Om Lakshmi Pataye Namah) It is offered for peace and prosperity in the family.

Ashada Mahina 2024 in Hindi North Indian Calendars - Ashad Month 2024 in Hindu Calendar

Ashadha Mahina is the fourth month in a traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in North India. Ashada Mahina 2024 in North India is from June 23 to July 21. This calendar is followed mainly in Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Haryana, Bihar and Chhattisgarh and other North India states. A month is calculated from the day after Purnima or full moon to the next Purnima. The year in the Hindi Calendar is Saka 2081. Chaturthi Vrat or Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi in Ashada Month 2024 is June 25. The Chandrodaya or Moonrise time as per North Indian calendars is 9:58 PM. Ashad Mahina 2024 Krishna and Shukla Paksha Ashadha Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) is from June 23 to July 5. Ashada Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) is from July 6 to July 21. Ashada Mahina Ekadasi Vrat in North India Yogini Ekadashi – July 2 Devshayani Ekadashi – July 17 Ashada Mahina Pradosh Vrat in North India Pradosh – July 3 Pradosh – July 18 Ashada

Svetasvatara Upanishad Quotes And Teachings

Svetasvatara Upanishad belongs to the Krishna-Yajurveda. It gets its name from Svetasvatara Rishi who taught the truth contained in it to his disciples. Below are some of the important teachings and quotes from the Svetasvatara Upanishad. May He, who created the gods and supports them; who witnessed the birth of the cosmic soul; who confers bliss and wisdom on the devoted, destroying their sins and sorrows, and punishing all breaches of law; - may He, the great seer and the lord of all, endow us with good thoughts!  (IV.12) He who at the beginning of creation projected Brahma (Universal Consciousness),who delivered the Vedas unto him, who constitutes the supreme bridge of immortality, who is partless, free from actions, tranquil, faultless, taintless, and resembles the fire that has consumed its fuel – seeking liberation I go for refuge to that Effulgent One, whose light turns the understanding towards the Atman.  (VI.18-19) May He, who created the gods and supports t