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Eight Names of Tulsi – Mantra – Tulasi Devi Eight Names

Tulsi plant is an essential holy item in a Hindu home. Eight names of the Tulsi are chanted in the morning and evening for auspiciousness, good luck, peace and prosperity.

Eight Names of Tulsi

  1. Vrinda
  2. Vrindavani
  3. Vishwapujita
  4. Vishwapavani
  5. Pushpasara
  6. Nandniya
  7. Tulsi
  8. Krishna Jeevani
As per Hindus scriptures, Tulsi is symbol of purity, holiness and the presence of divinity. The Tulsi that are worshipped at home include Krishna Tulsi and Rama Tulsi.

Tulsi Mantra – Tulasi Devi Eight Names

Eight Names of Tulsi in Mantra

वृंदा वृंदावनी विश्वपूजिता विश्वपावनी।
पुष्पसारा नंदनीय तुलसी कृष्ण जीवनी।।
एतभामांष्टक चैव स्त्रोतं नामर्थं संयुतम।
यः पठेत तां सम्पूज्य सौश्रमेघ फलंलमेता।।

Benefits of Chanting Eight Names of Tulsi Daily

  • It is chanted for a happy married life.
  • It is chanted for peace and happiness in the family.
  • It is chanted for good health and for the long life of family members.
  • There is a belief that worshipping Tulsi daily will help in keeping out all kinds of negative forces.
  • Those navgrahas that cause problems in horoscope are kept out when Tulsi is worshipped with a pure mind and body.
  • The mantra also helps in anger management.

How To Chant the Tulsi Mantra?

  • Wake up early in the morning, take bath and offer prayers to Ganesha.
  • Water the Tulsi Plant.
  • Light a diya with cow ghee (one wick). The diya should not harm the plant.
  • Chant the mantra 7 or 11 or 108 times.