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Kanyakumari Temple – Information - Radiant Nose Ring – Sripada Parai

Kanyakumari Temple is a renowned temple in the ancient and famous Hindu pilgrimage town of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Kanya Kumari – the virgin goddess (kanni Kumari) and is locate at the southern tip of India. The place is also known as Cape Comorin, where three seas meet – Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

Kanyakumari Temple on the seashore is situated inside a walled rectangular enclosure, in the center of which is the main sanctum sanctorum. 

The Goddess in the sanctum faces east and holds a garland in her right hand.

Radiant Nose Ring

During ancient times, the radiant nose-ring Goddess Kanyakumari wears served as a beacon light to sailors at sea.

This temple was constructed before 3000 years by Parasurama Avatar of Vishnu and then renovated by one of the kings of Pandya Dynasty.

It is believed that Goddess Bhagavathy stood here as a spinster and she killed the demon Banasuran on Vijayadasami.

Kanyakumari Temple

  • The eastern entrance of the temple is kept open only five times a year.
  • A circumambulatory passage runs around the garbha griha and has a shrine of Ganpati in the southwest corner.
  • There is a pavilion in front of the sanctum having six cylindrical inscribed pillars.
  • In front of the hall is another pavilion called the sabha mandapa.
  • The second enclosure passage is called the Sri Bali Prakara because of the bali stones kept here. On the south side of the second enclosure is the kitchen and food for the deity is prepared here.
  • Tyayasundari temple is located on the north side of the second enclosure.
  • The utsava murti of Goddess is taken out in a procession through the second enclosure passage every day.
  • The flag staff is located on the eastern side.
  • An entrance in the northern enclosure leads to a passage, which contains the swing pavilion. The processional vehicles of Goddess are kept in a room here.

Sripada Parai

About two hundred yards from the shore is a rock projecting from the sea, which has traditionally been called the Sripada Parai (rock with the divine footprint). The rock has an impression resembling a human foot. It is the footprint of Goddess Kanyakumari.