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Shivling Worshipped in Female Form at Lingai Mata Mandir

Lingai Mata Mandir is located in the dense forest on Jharkhand – Chhattisgarh border and here Bhagavan Shiva is worshipped in female form.

Lingai Mata Mandir Location 

The temple is located at Alor (Allur) Village in Farasgaon Tehsil of Bastar district in Chhattisgarh, India.

The Alor village is located around 8 km west of Farasgaon – one has to climb a mountain to reach the village.

The temple is around 2 km from Alor Village on a small hilltop.

Lingai Mata Mandir

The temple is located on a cave in the mountain. The entrance to the cave is very small and one has to sit or crawl to enter the cave. Inside the cave nearly 25 to 30 persons can sit and meditate.

The natural Shivling worshipped in the temple is found among the stone in the cave. People living in the area states that Shivling is growing slowly. Now the Shivling is around 2 feet in height.

Lingai Mata Mandir Opens Only For One Day in a Year

Lingai Mata Mandir opens on a Wednesday after Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Navami as per traditional Hindu Lunar Calendar followed in North India.

A mela is held when the temple opens.

Thousands of devotees arrive during the occasion to have darshan of the natural Shivling.

There is a popular belief that couples will have good and healthy children after offering prayers here.
Childless couple get relief after offering prayers here.

Why Childless Couple Visit the Lingai Mata Mandir?

There is a strong belief that childless couples will be blessed with intelligent and healthy children after offer prayers in the temple.

Childless couple offer cucumber (locally known as खीरे). The puja offers it to the deity and it is returned back to the couple.

The couple then breaks the cucumber into two and eats in front of the Shivling.

Next year, the couple returns with their newborn to make the offering again.

Prediction of Future at Lingai Mata Mandir

The temple closes after performing puja on the single day. Next year the pujari returns and finds a mark on the sand in the temple. Based on the mark, the future of the next year is predicted.
  • If the mark is of lotus then there will be peace and prosperity.
  • If the mark is of the leg of an elephant then there will be progress.
  • If it is of a horse then there will war.
  • If it is of tiger then there will terror.
  • If the mark is of a cat, there will be disappointments.
  • If it is of a hen or cock then there will be famine and no rain.