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Second Day Navratri Food Offering – Bhog or Prasad on the Second Day of Navratri Festival

Food offering, known as bhog, prasad, or naivedya, is an essential part of Navratri vrat and festival. The second day Navratri bhog is offered to Goddess Brahmacharini. The food that is offered on day two of Navratri should be prepared using jaggery (गुड़ ) , rock sugar (mishri), sugar or panchamrut. If the food is prepared using jaggery, then person will be blessed with long life by Maa Brahmacharini. Jaggery mixed with wheat or any food containing jaggery or the above said sugar items are considered good.

A Cleansing Process Is Essential Before Embarking On Spiritual Journey

Who can teach me spirituality? Who can take me to god? The answer is no one. You alone can make you spiritual. You alone can reach god and know god. Gurus, books, guides etc are just signposts. They just give you direction. You need to do the walking. Finally, you need to experience it. A cleansing process is essential before embarking on a spiritual journey. The cleansing process involves keeping the mind and senses in control. You cannot correct the past mistakes but you can stop from repeating the mistakes. Ignorant and evil-minded people are all around. But they should not scare you away from seeing progress and hope. Such people are just difficulties and obstacles that we need to overcome. Wisdom, common sense and street smartness should be used to overcome such people. You are not defenseless. It is that you have been made in such a way by parents, education and society. Fight for Dharma. Dying for what you hold true is better than living a subservient life. Abhilash Raje