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Himari Ganga Temple in Padhar town in Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh

Childless couples are blessed with a child after offering prayers at the famous Himari Ganga Temple in Padhar in Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh. A small pond is formed near the temple from a water source that rises in the Gogar Dhar Mountain range. The small rivulet is known as Himari Ganga and the deity worshipped here is the Hurang Narayan. The popular belief is that taking a holy dip in the waters of Himari Ganga will help the childless couple in begetting children. Taking the holy dip on the 20 th day of Bhadrapad month is considered highly meritorious. A big fair is held during the period in the shrine. Fruits, flower, and akhrot (walnuts) are offered to the pond in the temple. Barren women spread their dupatta in the pond; and if a flower, fruit or akhrot floats into their dupatta then they are sure to have a child in the coming year. People also take bath in the holy river to get rid of skin diseases. Prayers are offered to Goddess Himari Ganga and Hurang