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Benefits of Chin Mudra

Chin Mudra, also known as Vitarka Mudra in Buddhism, is one of the important mudras in Hinduism. Practicing mudras have numerous benefits especially health related. They are good for both body and mind as per Hindu scriptures. Chin Mudra is practiced by placing the tip of the thumb on index fingertip and extending the other fingers. When the mudra is practiced, both the hands are placed on the thighs in a relaxed manner. All the fingers point downwards in Chin mudra. The mudra is associated with Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. It is an important hand posture while practicing meditation. Health benefits of the mudra are: Improves memory Improves concentration Mental tension and other similar disorders are cured Controls insomnia Good to control anger Helps in reducing blood pressure Effective in the fight against depression. Related What is Yoga? – Answer is Return to the Source

Valaikappu – Symbolism and Significance of Valaikappu

Valakappu, Valaikappu, is a special ceremony held by some South Indian communities to honor the women expecting her first baby. Valaikappu literally means ‘bangle guard’ or ‘bangle protection.’ The ceremony is symbolically associated with positivity, love, joy, marital bliss, prosperity and peace. The ceremony is usually performed around the seventh month of pregnancy.   In the ceremony, all the women of the household and the neighborhood assemble with lots of colorful glass bangles and mother to be is seated, bathed and adorned with innumerable bangles covering both her hands. Related Urukraman Avatar of Vishnu – Urukraman Manifestation of Vishnu