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Ganesha Axe Symbolism – What Does Ganesha’s Axe Represent?

Ganesha is full of symbolism and the axe he holds is no different. In some images and murtis (idols) of Ganesha , we see him holding axe. So What does Ganesha’s axe represent? The axe is known as Mahaparashu or large axe. It is meant for frightening the demons and protecting Dharma. It is held to keep out all unwanted thoughts that arises in the mind which will lead a devotee to Adharma. Another axe that is held by Ganesha is known as Parshavadha or the battle-axe. It is also meant to protect dharma. Related Ganesha and Parashurama – How Ganapati Lost his Left Tusk inthe battle with Parashurama?

Holi at Phalen Village in Braj Region of Uttar Pradesh

In the Braj Region on Uttar Pradesh, there is a village named Phalen. The name of the village is a corrupt form of Prahlad, associated with Narasimha incarnation of Srihari Vishnu. Enactment of Prahlada – Holika story takes place here around Holi . A tank known as Prahlad Kunda is located here and on the banks of the pond, there is a Prahlada temple. A huge pile of firewood is made in between Prahlada Kunda and the temple of Prahlada. It is torched in the night and it bursts forth with tremendous blaze. The youth of the village move around the fire jumping, dancing and brandishing canes. Then the priest of the temple takes holy bath in the tank and rush through the great orb of fire, unharmed. The priest represents Prahlada himself in the fire-ordeal of Phalen. Related Young Prahlada on the Modes of Devotion to Lord Vishnu