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Sandhi or Sandhya Puja at the Conjunction of Durga Ashtami and Navami in Durga Puja

Sandhya Puja is a unique ritual held at the conjunction of Ashtami and Navami Tithis during Durga Puja. In 2017, date of Sandhi Puja is between September 28 and September 29. The time in North India is at 9:36 PM on September 28. After usual rituals, the priest propitiates Goddess Chamunda.

The popular belief is that Goddess Chamunda killed Chanda and Munda at this period. Chanda and Munda were appointed by Mahisha to attack Goddess Durga. Goddess Chamunda appeared from the forehead of Goddess Durga and they killed Chanda and Munda.

The traditional ritual of Sandhi Puja consists of lighting 108 lamps. Flowers, leaves, clothes and jewelry are offered to Goddess Chamunda during the period.

What is Gaja Gowri Vratha? – Spiritual Importance of Gaja Gouri Vrata and Date in 2018

Gaja Gouri Vrata is observed in Bhadrapad month in South India especially in Karnataka. Gaja Gowri Vratha 2018 date is September 23. In some regions, it is observed on the Maha Navami day in Ashwin month (October 18, 2018).

The importance of Gaja Gowri Vrata is mentioned in the Mahabharata and it is said that Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas, and Kunti, the mother of Pandavas, had performed it for the welfare of their sons.

Sage Narada had advised Gandhari to perform Gaja Gowri Vrata for the welfare of her children. She is believed to have made an elephant from mud and performed the Vrata.

It is said that to help Kunti perform the Vrata, the Pandava brothers Bhima and Arjuna, had brought Iravata, the white elephant of Lord Indra, to earth.

Apart from the rituals and offerings, Gaja Gowri Vrat Katha is listened to on the day by those performing the Vrata.

Gaja Gowri Vrata in Bhadrapad month in Karnataka coincides with the Anatha Chaturdasi Vrat.
Story of Gaja Gowri Vratha Sage Narada…

Shastra Puja – Navratri Sastra Pooja during Durga Puja

Shastra Puja is held on the ninth day of the Navratri Festival – this is the Mahanavami day during Durga Puja. The weapons (Sastra or Astra) used by Goddess Durga are worshipped on this day. Shastra Puja 2018 date is October 18. Today, people worship the tools and objects that they use to earn a livelihood.

Shastra Puja is also known as Ayudha Puja in South India. A similar ritual held during Durga Puja is the Astra Puja.

Earlier, the kings used to worship the weapons used in war on the Shastra Puja day. Weapons like sword, spear, bow and arrow were kept for purification ritual on the day and they would remain untouched the whole day. After proper rituals they were taken on the next day.

Today, people worship and perform purification rituals on objects they use to earn their bread.

Success will elude us if we do not believe in us

Success will elude us if we do not believe in us.

We have to start somewhere. We will fail in the beginning. But then who does not fail? Do not stop? Each failure is a stepping-stone to our goal.

No one can escape struggles. All people go through it. Socialize and get to know about their struggles. Share yours. Inspire and get inspired.

We are not ready to move out of our comfort zone. The net result is that we miss golden opportunities.
Set small goals. Do not try to achieve everything overnight.