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Narasimha Stuti in Kannada in pdf

Narasimha Stuti is chanted to get the blessings of Lord Narasimha – the avatar of Lord Vishnu. The prayer is for wish fulfillment and overcoming all forms of prayer. The Stuti in Kannada in pdf format is given below. The text or lyrics of Narasimha Stuti in Kannada language is provided by Sundar Kidambi of prapatti. It can be chanted daily morning and evening.
Link – Kannada Narasimha Stuti

Narasimha Kavacham in Malayalam in pdf

Narasimha Kavacham is chanted to get the protection of Lord Narasima. The prayer is for overcoming fear and enemies. The Kavacham in Malayalam in pdf format is given below. The text or lyrics of Narasimha Kavacham in Malayalam language is provided by Sundar Kidambi of prapatti. It can be chanted daily morning and evening.
Link – Malayalam Narasimha Kavacham

Garuda Appears in the Ramayana to Rescue Rama and Lakshman from Nagapasha Arrow of Indrajit

Garuda, the divine eagle and vehicle of Vishnu, appears to rescue Rama and Lakshman who were bound by the Nagapasha Arrow of Indrajit in the Ramayana. The episode is mentioned in the Yuddha Kanda of the Ramayana. Indrajit who could not withstand the assault of Rama uses magic (Maya) to fight. He disappears into the sky and shoots arrows on Rama and Lakshman.
Both Rama and Lakshman are injured as they cannot see Indrajit and his arrows. Finally Indrajit uses the Nagapasha arrow to tie down Rama and Lakshman. Nagas or poisonous snakes form coils on the body Rama and Lakshman and they are made immobile. The poison takes effect on the brothers and both fall unconscious.

Kokilavan Dham – Shani Dev Temple at Kosi Kalan near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh

The famous ShaniDevTemple, also known as Kokilavan Dham, at Kosi Kalan near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh is believed to be the spot where Lord Krishna gave darshan to Sani Dev (God Shani). The temple is visited by thousands of devotees on Saturday (Shanivar), the day dedicated to Lord Shani. 
There is an interesting story associated with Lord Krishna and Shani Dev and the Kokilavan Dham. Legend has it that when Lord Krishna was born all Devas (demi gods) visited Nandagaon. Shani Dev too came to see little Krishna but Yashoda did not let him see young Krishna. Reason Shanidev might bring bad upon Krishna.
Shani felt disappointed and went to a nearby forest and started performing austerities (tapas). He wanted to know why he was being sidelined when he is doing his duty of punishing people according to their Karma. It is said that Shani only creates trouble on those people who do bad Karma.

Moved by Shani’s plight, Lord Krishna appeared before him in the forest and asked him to stay near N…

Confidence Based on Comparison Will Only Have a Short Life

We have immense potential, provided we know how potential we are.

What is lacking in an unsuccessful person is confidence. Success will follow such a person as soon as he befriends confidence.

Reluctance is lack of confidence. It simply means that we do not believe in our ability and we are afraid of failure or embarrassment.

We would not be able recognize the excellent opportunities if we do not have confidence.

We need to initially display some confidence to get compliments. Recognition and compliments can only reinforce confidence.

Mistakes, stumbling blocks and falls should not shatter our confidence. Do not take blunders too seriously. Laugh it off and learn from them.

Confidence based on comparison will only have a short life. There will always be someone who is better than us. Our confidence has to be based solely on our strengths.

True confidence is not loud or brash. It is quiet. It comes forth as strength in the face of adversity. It provides motivation to overcome trouble…