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Story of the Birth of Devaki – Mother of Sri Krishna

Devaki had the greatest fortune of giving birth to Sri Krishna. But before this divine event she had to undergo several hardships – spent several years in jail; see her six new born sons getting killed at the hands of Kamsa. Devaki had to undergo all these sufferings as a result of a curse.
Legend has it that Devaki in her previous birth was Aditi, the wife of Sage Kashyapa. The Sage also had another wife Diti.
Aditi became pregnant and gave birth to Indra. Diti too was blessed by Sage Kashyapa that she too will give birth to a brilliant son.
Aditi did not want anyone greater than Indra so she hatched a plan with Indra to kill the son of Diti in the womb itself.
For this evil purpose, Indra took became small as a microorganism and entered the womb of Diti and killed the baby in the womb.
Diti who came to know about the reason for the sudden abortion, cursed Indra that He will never be the ruler of three worlds. She cursed Aditi to be born on earth and spend time in jail and see her s…

How Arjuna Received the Gandiva Bow?

Gandiva was the bow of Arjuna in the Mahabharata. Arjuna received the Gandiva bow from Agni. Legend has it that Agni gave Arjuna the bow for helping in performing the Khandava Dahanam or the burning of the Khandava forest. There is an interesting story as to how Arjuna came to receive the Gandiva bow from Agni.
Once there was a king named Shvetaki. He conducted several types of yajnas for several years and this filled the kingdom with smoke. The yajna place was continuously under smoke and the Rishis found it difficult to even breathe. They all left the place.
This did not deter Shvetaki who decided to conduct another yajna for 12 years but none of the Rishis were ready to take part in it.
Shvetaki then prayed to Shiva for a solution and He gave him Durvaasas as the priest for the yajna.
Durvaasas continued the yajna for 12 years pouring unlimited materials into Agni.
Agni was now overfed and could no longer take anymore food. His brilliance started to fade and this started causing …

Unknown anxiety and fear overpowering the mind

There are times when many of us feel nervous without any reason. Unknown anxiety overpowers us. We are unable to remain calm. We imagine things and bring with it fear and worry. There will be uneasiness in stomach and our normal breathing pattern will be disturbed.

The main reason for this problem is that we are not in control of our mind. We are allowing mind to take control of us. We are believing the stories created by the mind. These stories often are about something untoward going to happen in the future.

In such situation, breathe properly. Relax. Tell the mind that am not going to fall for this.

Overpower the mind by stating that there is nothing to worry about as all that is here is the Supreme Truth.

Chant any mantra you know like ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ or ‘Om Namo Vasudevaya.’

Take the mind away from fearful thoughts and fix it on our personal deity.

Do not allow the mind to wander.

Always have a simple and easy translation of Bhagavad Gita. Read the chapter that you like mos…