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Surya Kavach in Hindi – The Stotra in pdf

Surya Kavach is a popular prayer dedicated to Surya, Sun God. This particular Surya Kavach Stotra is in Hindi and is in pdf format. You can download it for free. The prayer is chanted for prosperity and to get relief from diseases. It is considered highly meritorious to chant this mantra on Sundays.
Link - Surya Kavach Stotra in Hindi in pdf

Effective Communication to Dissolve Ego and Avoid Strain in Relationships

When effective communication does not take place, relationships suffer due to misunderstandings. Ego clashes occur and there will be strain in relationships. Thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions and opinion vary from people to people. We must learn to respect this all-important fact.

When we are patient and try to understand what the other person is saying, we are shedding our ego. This helps us in having good relationships. We break down barriers and we achieve success.

When we speak with ego to a person, we are creating boundaries, shutting down doors and we are increasing the distance. Net result is tension and lack of mental peace. Bad relationships and lack of success.

When ego is dropped there is togetherness. Now only thing to do is dissolve the difference of opinions. This can be done through mutual understanding, trust and commitment.

Always speak face to face.

When a conversation is taking place switch off mobile and all other distractions. Be nonjudgmental.

Be empatheti…