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Goddess Erukkamma

Goddess Erukkamma is a fierce goddess who is worshipped in Dondaparthy Village near Vizag in Andhra Pradesh. She is basically a village deity. The murti of her is very unique. She is without a head. Her cut-off head lye in front of her and her right arm is wrapped around a kidnapped child, who is sitting on her lap.

Legend has it that there lived a woman named Erukamma in the region. She possessed several powers. She used to kidnap children from the region and used to take them to the outskirts of the village. At the lonely and abandoned place, she used to kill the children and eat them.

One day while she was performing the heinous act of devouring a recently kidnapped child, her head was cut off by a brave man belonging o the Erukala (basket weaver) community.

People feared that she would return in some supernatural form to create more problems in the village. To mollify her, they worshipped her and her powers were used to protect the village and its children.
Today, Erukamma is a g…

Mandi Shivratri 2018 – Week-long Shivratri Celebration at Choti Kashi in Himachal Pradesh with over 200 deities

Shivratri in Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, also known as Choti Kashi, begins when Shivaratri ends in the rest of the world. In 2018, Mahashivratri begins on February 14 and ends on March 3, 2017. The highlight of the festival is the congregation of over 200 deities from the village temples. The murtis of Gods from nearby village temples are carried on palanquin and they arrive at the fair ground and stay at a designated spot. They then participate in processions to important Shiva temples in Mandi. The town of Mandi has more than 50 temples and important ones are dedicated to Shiva.
Mid Day reports
The celebrations date back to 1526 when this town was founded during the rule of Ajbar Sen. He had 'invited' all the local deities to mark the founding of the new town.
Since then, the assembly of deities from hundreds of village temples during Mahashivratri has become a tradition.  After the rule of princely states came to an end, the district administration took over the task of invi…

Science behind Hindu Women Wearing Bangles

Why do Hindu women wear lot of bangles? Is there any science behind this? Here are some of the scientific explanations that are given for wearing bangles.

It is widely believed that tinkling of bangles keep negative energy at bay.

Friction of metals (bangles made of metals like gold, silver, iron, steel etc) on the body helping in absorbing their metallic properties. This helps in strengthening bones especially of women who have weaker bone compared to men.

Constant friction of the bangles in the wrist area helps in increasing blood circulation.

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Live Darshan from Shiroda Kamakshi Temple in Goa – Online Live Streaming of Shree Kamakshi Saunsthan in Goa

Kamakshi Temple at Shiroda in Goa is a popular shrine dedicated to Goddess Shakti. The Shree Kamakshi Saunsthan management in Goa is now offering free live darshan. The online live streaming is available throughout the day. Another camera gives live darshan of important pujas.
Link – Live Darshan from Shiroda Kamakshi Temple in Goa