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Thaipusam Puja Procedure – How to observe Thaipusam?

Thaipusam is a Hindu festival observed more in MurugaTemples and less at homes. After doing the usual pujas and prayers, people visit Temples dedicated to Muruga on Thaipusam to make offerings which mainly includes offering of milk and carrying of Kavadi. The highlight of the festival today is the piercing of different body parts with small vels (lances) as a sort of thanksgiving or as an offering to get their wishes fulfilled.
On the Thaipusam day, large number of devotees head towards Murugan temples in procession carrying Kavadi. The drumming and chanting of vel vel shakti vel electrifies the procession and some start to dance. Some devotees pierce their tongue and cheek with ‘vel’ (small lances.) Some insert hooks in their body and some use these hooks to pull heavy objects. On the day, devotees go to any length to display their devotion to Lord Muruga.
Some devotees offer fruits and yellow or orange colored flowers to Lord Muruga. Some also take Kavadi to the temples. They wear…

Standing alone does not mean we are wrong – Wisdom Nuggets

Always realize that Today is not Yesterday.

Spirituality should not be used as an excuse to escape from responsibility.

Discharging our duties to the best of our ability is also spirituality.

Spiritualism should not be forced upon. It should come naturally.

Standing alone does not mean we are wrong.

Always remember we all belong the same source and we all will return to the same source.

Spirituality begins the day we realize how far we have moved away from our true self.