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How earth got the name Prithvi? – Story in Hindu Tradition

Prithvi is one among the numerous names of Earth. There is an interesting story in the Puranas, which narrate how earth got the name Prithvi. In the lineage of King Dhruva, there was a popular king called Rajan Anga. As old age approached, the King took Vanaprastha and made his son Vena, the next king.

Vena was an arrogant king and he abolished all yajnas and prayers in his kingdom. He only looked after his welfare. Saints and wise men tried to reason with him but he was not ready to listen to them.
Fed up with his rule, Vena was killed by people with the guidance of saints.
Vena’s mother out of love for her son started to protect his body.
As there was no one to take over the kingdom, dacoits and thieves began to loot people. There was utter lawlessness.
The saints thought it was their responsibility to find a ruler.
They then took the body of Vena and churned it while chanting mantras. From it appeared a human couple. The male was a partial incarnation of Vishnu and the female wa…

Nearest Railway Station to Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple

Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple, a popular Shakti shrine in South India, is located in Thrissur District in Kerala. Thousands of devotees from various parts of India especially from Tamil Nadu travel to the shrine by train. The nearest railway station to Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple is the Irinjalakuda Railway Station on the Ernakulam – Thrissur Route.

Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple is located around 13 km from Irinjalakuda Railway Station.

Thrissur Railway Station is around 45 km from the temple.
Ernakulam North Railway station is around 40 km from the temple.

Story of Arunagirinathar who wrote Thiruppugazh – famous Tamil Verses on Muruga

Thiruppugazh literally means ‘praise of the lord’ and is dedicated Lord Muruga or Subramanya Sway. Arunagirinathar composed the famous Thiruppugazh Tamil verses. The story of Arunagirinathar is one of a person converting to spiritual life after realizing the futility of hedonistic life.

Arunagirinathar led a wanton life. Although married, he frequented whorehouses. He spends all his wealth on prostitutes. His wife abandoned him due to his this behavior. He was financially bankrupt.
Numerous attempts by his elder sister to correct him were ignored.

Finally, he led the life of helper at whorehouse.

One day his elder sister confronted him about his unjustifiable lifestyle. During the argument, Arunagirinathar tried to justify his action by putting blame on other people’s behavior. In a fit of rage, the elder sister asks Arunagirinathar to fulfill his sexual desire on her and not outside.

In that moment, Arunagirinathar realized the folly of his lifestyle. His source of pleasure became …

Ranganathaswamy Temple Srirangapatna in Karnataka

Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangapatna in Karnataka is located on an island formed by two branches of Cauvery River. The presiding deity worshipped in the temple is known as Ranganathaswamy – Vishnu in reclining position. The temple is around 13 km north of Mysore.

Legend has it that Sage Gautama worshipped Sri Ranganatha here.

The oldest inscription regarding the temple dates back to 894 AD. It is believed that Tirumalaya, a subordinate king of the Ganga dynasty, built the shrine and named the town Srirangapura.

Additions to the temple were made during the successive centuries by Hoysala kings, Vijayanagara rulers and Wodeyars of Mysore.

Ranganathaswamy Temple is built in Dravidian style and faces east. A seventy foot tall gopura envelopes the gateway.

The main murti worshipped in the temple is that of Sri Ranganathaswamy in a reclining posture on the coils of seven-hooded serpent Ananta. Goddess Lakshmi, who is known as Ranganayaki, sits near his feet.

There are two huge dwarapalak…

Online Virtual Tour of Sabarimala – View Pictures of Sabarimala and nearby holy places in 360 degree

SabarimalaAyyappaTemple in Kerala attracts millions of devotees during the two month Mandala-Makaravilakku season (November – January). Leen Thobias of has created an online virtual tour of SabarimalaAyyappaTemple in Kerala, India. In the virtual tour you can view 15 pictures of AyyappaTemple and holy places nearby 360 degree.

There are images of ErumeliTemple, Pampa, PampaGanapatiTemple, Neelimala, Appachimedu, Sabaripeedam, Marakootam, Malikappuram, NagarajaTemple, Bhasma Kulam etc.

You can watch Online Virtual Tour of Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple here.

Harikaka Gosavi Punyatithi at Hattaragi near Hukkeri in Belgaum District

Harikaka Gosavi punyatithi is observed in Paush month. It is the death anniversary of Harikaka Gosavi and is of great importance at Hattaragi village near Hukkeri in Belgaum District. Hari Mandir dedicated to the pious soul is located in the village. Harikaka Gosavi Punyatithi 2019 date is January 10.

Hundreds of followers of the saint assemble in the temple and offer prayers. Satsang, prayer meetings, and charity works are done on the day.
Harikaka Gosavi Punyatithi is annually observed on Paush Shukla Paksha Chaturthi Tithi or the fourth day during the waxing phase of moon as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Sun Temple at Handiya in Nawada in Bihar – Surya Narayan Temple at Nawada in Bihar

Sun Temple at Handiya in Nawada in Bihar is popularly known as Surya Narayan Temple and is believed to have been constructed in the Dwapara Yuga, when Sri Krishna was present on earth. Handiya Surya Narayan Temple is located around 6 km southwest of Rajgir. The temple has numerous ancient murtis and a sacred pond.
It is the believed that the original shrine was constructed by Jarasandha during the Dwapara Yuga. It is said that daughter of Jarasandha was cured of leprosy after taking holy dip in the pond near the Sun Temple.
The murti worshipped in the temple is of Surya on a chariot with seven horses attached to it. There is also a small shivling in the sanctum sanctorum.
The dome of the temple is noted for a Surya Chakra and three kalasha of brass.
The most important day in the temple is Sunday. Thousands of people who are afflicted with leprosy visit the shrine on the day. The take holy dip in the pond and then offer prayers in the temple. They again return to the pond, take bath, …

Spirit of giving and sharing – Swami Vivekananda

None is there but will be compelled, in the long run, to give up everything. And the more one struggles against this law, the more miserable one feels.
It is because we dare not give, because we are not resigned enough to accede to this grand demand of nature, that we are miserable.
The wood is gone, but we get heat in return.
The sun is taking up water from the ocean, to return it in showers.
You are a machine for taking and giving: you take, in order to give. Ask, therefore, nothing in return; but the more you give, the more will come to you.
The quicker you can empty the air out of this room, the quicker it will be filled up by the external air; and if you close all the doors and every aperture, that which is within will remain, but that which is outside will never come in, and that which is within will stagnate, degenerate, and become poisoned.

A river is continually emptying itself into the ocean and is continually filling up again. Swami Vivekananda